Baal HaTurim on 13:18 of Parashat B'Shalach
13:18 Vayasev Elokim et-ha'am derech hamidbar - So G-d turned the people toward the way of the wilderness.
G-d prepared a [banquet] table for the Yisraelim and had them recline to eat.
The verb root , to go around, can also mean to recline at a feast (e.g.., in the four questions asked at the Seder, "Everying we eat either sitting or reclining, but on this night, we all recline?"), for it was customary for guests at a feast to recline on couches while eating the meal.  The Baal HaTurim's allusiion is based on this secondary meaning of , the root of vayasev.
According to Rabbi Chaim Paltiel, this verse is the basis for the custom to recline at the Seder.
This is alluded to by the verse [They said,] "Can G-d prepare a table in the wilderness?" (Tehillim 78:19) 
That verse refers to the man (manna), and shelav, (pheasant or quail), with which G-d would supply the nation  in the wilderness, for the verse which follows it states, [They said,] "True, He struck a rock and water flowed...[but] can He give bread also? Can He supply meat for His people?" (Tehillim 78:20)