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Chronology of Sefer Bereishit (Book of Genesis)


Year 1

World created

Adam Created

Kayin and Hevel born

Kayin and Hevel bring sacrifice


Year 130

Kayin killed

Shet born


Year 235

Enosh born


Year 266

Idolatry begins


Year 325

Kenan born


Year 395

Mahalalel born


Year 460

Yered born


Year 622

Chanoch born


Year 687

Metushelach born


Year 874

Lemech born


Year 930

Adam dies


Year 987

Chanoch dies


Year 1042

Shet dies


Year 1056

Noach born


Year 1140

 Enosh dies


Year 1235

Kenan dies


Year 1290

Mahalalel dies


Year 1356

First warning of flood


Year 1422

Yered dies


Year 1536

Decree of flood.

G-d warns Noach


Year 1556

Yefet born


Year 1557

Cham born


Year 1558

Shem born


Year 1651

Lemech dies


Year 1656

Metushelach dies seven days before the flood



Year 1657

Noach offers sacrifice

Noach's drunkenness

Kena'an cursed


Year 1658

Arpachshad born


Year 1693

Shelach born


Year 1723

'Ever born


Year 1757

Peleg born


Year 1787

Reu born


Year 1819

Serug born


Year 1849

Nachor born


Year 1878

Terach born


Year 1908

Nimrod born


Year 1938

Nimrod becomes king.

Begins 40 year war with Yefet


Year 1948

Avraham born


Year 1949

Nachor II born


Year 1950

Charan born


Year 1951

Avraham recognizes G-d at the age of three


Year 1958

Sarah born


Year 1978

Nimrod defeats Yefet


Year 1996

Peleg dies

Tower of Bavel

World divided into seventy nations

Avraham comprehends G-d

Kedorla'omer rebels against Nimrod

Sedom founded


Year 1997

Nachor dies

Tzoar founded


Year 2003

Avraham goes to Kenaan for the first time

Year 2006

Noach dies


Year 2013

War of four kings


Year 2018

Covenant between Halves (Berit bein HaBetarim)


Year 2023

Avraham's second journey to Kenaan

Rekion becomes king of Egypt

Avraham goes to Egypt

Avraham and Lot part company

G-d begins warning Sedom


Year 2026

Reu dies


Year 2033

Avraham marries Hagar


Year 2034

Yishmael born


Year 2047

G-d changes Avram's name to Avraham

Avraham circumcised. [Some say this happened on Yom Kippur, 2048]

Angels visit Avraham

Sedom destroyed

Lot sleeps with daughters


Year 2048

Avraham moves to Gerar

Yitzchak born

Ammon and Moav born


Year 2049

Serug dies


Year 2050

Yitzchak weaned


Year 2051

[according to some, Yishmael driven away]


Year 2061

Avraham makes a feast for Yitzchak's Bar Mitzvah

[According to some, Yishmael driven away]


Year 2073

[According to some, Rivkah born]


Year 2083

Terach dies


Year 2085

The Akedah

Yitzchak enters Shem's academy

Rivkah born

Sarah dies

Avraham buys Machpelah


Year 2088

Yitzchak marries Rivkah

Avraham marries Keturah


Year 2096

Arpachshad dies


Year 2107

Yitzchak and Rivkah pray for children


Year 2108

Yaakov and 'Esav born


Year 2121

Yaakov goes to academy

'Esav becomes hunter


Year 2123

Avraham gives Yitzchak blessing

Avraham dies

''Esav sells birthright

Nimrod killed by 'Esav


Year 2126

Shelach dies


Year 2148

'Esav marries Yehudit and Basemat


Year 2158

Shem dies

Yaakov returns from academy


Year 2164

Rachel and Leah born. [Some make it as early as 2162, or as late as 2165]


Year 2170

[According to some, Rachel born]


Year 2171

Yaakov receives blessing

Yaakov goes to 'Ever's academy

'Esav marries Yishmael's daughter Machlah

Yishmael dies

[According to some, Rachel born]


Year 2172

'Esav's son Elifaz born


Year 2180

[According to some, Rachel born]


Year 2185

Yaakov goes to Lavan

Dream of ladder

[According to some, Yaakov marries Leah]


Year 2187

'Ever dies


Year 2188

Lavan's son

Beor born


Year 2191

Ahmose becomes Pharaoh beginning the 18th Egyptian Dynasty


Year 2192

Yaakov marries Leah and Rachel


Year 2193

Reuven born.

[Some say that Shimon also born]


Year 2194

Shimon born.

[Some say Dan born.]

[Some say Levi and Yehudah born]


Year 2195

Levi born.

[Some say Dan born]


Year 2196

Yehudah born

Dan born.

[Some say Gad and Naftali born]


Year 2197

[Some say Naftali born. Some say Asher and Yissachar born]


Year 2198

Naftali born

Gad born

Yissachar born.

[Some say Dinah born. Some say Zevulun born]


Year 2199

Asher born.

[Some say Dinah born]

Yosef born

Yaakov wants to leave Lavan, begins working last six years


Year 2200

Zevulun born.

[Some say Dinah born]


Year 2201

Dinah born. [Some have it in 2202]


Year 2205

Yaakov leaves Lavan

Yaakov meets 'Esav

Yaakov wrestles with angel

Yaakov arrives in Sukkot


Year 2206

Yaakov leaves Sukkot

Rape of Dinah

Shechem massacre. [Some have it as late as 2208]


Year 2207

Yaakov goes to Bet-el

Rivkah dies

Lavan dies

Asenat born


Year 2208

Binyamin born

Rachel dies


Year 2213

Wars of Yaakov's sons. [Some date them in 2214 or 2215]


Year 2214

Leah dies

Yaakov settles in Chevron Academy founded by Shem and 'Ever still functioning


Year 2216

Yosef sold

Potifar buys Yosef Amenhotep I becomes king of Egypt

Yehudah marries. [Some say that he married earlier.]

[Some say 'Er marries Tamar]


Year 2217

Yosef jailed

Royal butler and baker jailed.

[Some say 'Er born]


Year 2223

[According to some, wars of Yaakov's sons]


Year 2225

'Er marries Tamar. [Some say in 2228]


Year 2227

Yosef interprets dreams of royal butler and baker


Year 2228

Yitzchak dies


Year 2229

Peretz and Zerach born


Year 2230

Yosef released from prison

Yosef marries Senat

Seven years of abundance begins

Menashshe born. [Some have them born as late as 2134 or 2135]


Year 2231

Efrayim born


Year 2236

Famine begins. [Some have it a year later]

Amenhotep I dies

Thutmose I becomes Pharaoh


Year 2237

Yosef's brothers arrive in Egypt

People sell livestock to Yosef


Year 2238

Second trip of Ya'akov's sons to Egypt

Binyamin framed

Yosef reveals his identity to brothers

Yaakov arrives in Egypt

Yocheved born to Levi

People sell selves as serfs to Pharaoh


Year 2253

Thutmose I dies.

Thutmose II becomes Pharaoh


Year 2255

Yaakov dies


Year 2258

Bela son of Beor becomes king of Edom


Year 2270

Thutmose II (Magron) becomes Pharaoh


Year 2277

Hapshepsut becomes co-regent of Egypt


Year 2288

Bela ben Beor killed in battle.

Yovev son of Zerach becomes king of Edom


Year 2292

Hapshepsut dies.

Thutmose III becomes full king


Year 2303

Thutmose III invades Kenaan and Syria


Year 2309

Yosef dies


Year 2314

Shimon dies

Zevulun dies


Year 2315

Yehudah dies


Year 2317

Binyamin dies


Year 2318

Reuven dies


Year 2320

Yissachar dies


Year 2321

Dan dies


Year 2322

Asher dies


Year 2323

Gad dies


Year 2325

Thutmose III dies.

Amenhotep II becomes Pharaoh


Year 2331

Naftali dies


Year 2332

Levi dies

[According to some, Edom's kingdom begins and Bela becomes king]