Hachnasat Orchim - Hospitality


Avraham attracted people to the service of G-d through hospitality. 

To assure them that they were welcome, he planted groves of aishel trees throughout the length and breadth of Eretz Yisrael, wherever he set up his tent from north to south, east to west. 
Aishel is an acronym for the Hebrew words achelah, food, shteyah, drink, lenah, rest.  (Bereishit 21:33, Rashi)
He wanted the wayfarers to know that the symbol of welcome was the aishel tree, where they would receive both physical and spiritual comfort, food and drink for their famished and parched bodies and kind words for their souls. (Rebbe Yehuda Layb Ayger, Imray Emes, Bereishit)