MeAm Lo'ez on Yeshayahu 41:2-3

Who roused Avraham from Kasdim, in the east, to "call righteousness at his steps" - proclaim G-d wherever he went?  Who gave him the four nations which had captured his nephew, Lot, and vanquished their vastly larger numbers before him?  Who pursued them fro him so that he did not lose a single man, despirte their being in a foreign land, on a "path they had never crossed?" Was it not all G-d?

Who roused Moshe to come from the east, to take Yisrael out of Egypt?  Who vanquished Egypt before him and gave him rule over the kingdoms of Midian, Amori and Bashan, making them as dust before him?  Who led him to lead his people across the Wilderness never crossed before?  Was it not G-d Who "called at his steps," to make him His messenger unto His people?

Since G-d can do all this, He surely can bring about the Redemption of His people.