MeAm Lo'ez on Yeshayahu 41:8-9

But you, people of Yisrael, are not like them, but follow the ways of my servant, Yaakov.  It was in Yaakov's merit - whose children were all righteous - that I saved Avraham, when Yaakov was still merely Avraham's "seed."

I took hold of Avraham from his faraway homeland, from the "end of the earth," and called your maternal ancestors from it far corners, from Lavan the Arammian, their father.  While you were still in the Egyptian exile, I called you My servants, having sent you there for your refinement - not to reject you.

And as I had done this for your ancestors, I shall do it also for you and bring you back from being exiled to the earth's far corners.  I shall call you to come back from under the nations' rule and they will be helpless to prevent you.