MeAm Lo'ez

54:5  Why will Jewish sins be all forgotten?  Because G-d will then be their Master.  Unlike in exile, when they served gentile masters, their refound intimacy with G-d will prevent them from sinning.  And unlike in exile, when G-d was called only the "Holy One of Yisrael," then He will be Master of the whole earth - His immanence will preclude all man's sin.  G-d's Providence will then guide all the nations and He will be called "Master of the earth" - not just G-d of Yisrael.

All this G-d will do because He is your Maker, Who has compassion on that which He made.  Your suffering in exile was to bring you back to Him, so that He be called your Holy One.  He is your Master who provides all your needs, both the material and the spiritual - surely He will bring you Redemption.