Haftarah Bereishit
Yeshayahu 42:5-43:10

42:5 Koh-amar ha'El HASHEM bore hashamayim venoteihem roka ha'aretz vetze'etza'eiha noten neshamah la'am aleiha veruach laholechim bah.
Thus says the G-d, HASHEM, Who creates the heavens and stretches them forth; Who spreads out the earth and [brings out] its produce; Who gives a soul to the people upon it and a spirit to those who walk on it:
[MeAm Lo'ez]

6 Ani HASHEM kraticha vetzedek ve'achzek beyadecha ve'etzorcha ve'etencha livrit am le'or goyim.
"I am HASHEM, have called you in righteousness and will strengthen your hand.  I will watch over you, having appointed you over the Covenantal people and a light to the nations,
[MeAm Lo'ez]

7 Lifkoach eynayim iverot lehotzi mimasger asir mibeit kele yoshvei choshech.
to open blind eyes, to release prisoners from confinement and dwellers in darkness from the dungeon.

8 Ani HASHEM hu Shemi uchvodi le'acher lo-eten utehilati lapsilim.
I am HASHEM, that is My Name and I shall not give My honor [glory] to another, nor My praise to idols.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

9 Harishonot hineh va'u vachadashot ani magid beterem titzmachnah ashmia etchem.
Behold, the first things [prophecies] have already come and now I shall tell you new things - I shall inform you before they happen."
[MeAm Lo'ez]

10 Shiru l'HASHEM shir chadash tehilato miketzeh ha'aretz yordei hayam umelo'o iyim veyoshveihem.
Sing a new song to HASHEM, His praise from the end of the earth, those who go down to the sea and those that fill it, the islands and their inhabitants!
[MeAm Lo'ez]

11 Yis'u midbar ve'arav chatzerim teshev kedar yaronu yoshvei sela merosh harim yitzvachu.
The wilderness and its cities will lift up [their voices], the open cities inhabited by Kedar; let the mountain dwellers sing, let them shout from the top of the hills.

12 Yasimu l'HASHEM kavod utehilato ba'iyim yagidu.
Let them give glory to HASHEM and relate His praise in the islands.

13 HASHEM kagibor yetze ke'ish milchamot ya'ir kin'ah yaria af-yatzriach al-oyvav yitgabar.
HASHEM will come forth as a mighty one and arouse rage like a warrior.  He will shout triumphantly, even roar, He will overpower His enemies.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

14 Hechesheiti me'olam acharish et'apak kayoledah ef'eh eshom ve'esh'af yachad.
"I have kept quiet for a long time, silent and restraining Myself.   But I shall scream like a birthing woman, desolating them and swallowing them together.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

15 Achariv harim ugeva'ot vechol-esbam ovish vesamti neharot la'iyim va'agamim ovish.
I shall destroy mountains and hills, desiccating all their grass.  I shall turn their rivers into islands and desiccate their ponds.

16 Veholachti iverim bederech lo yada'u bintivot lo-yade'u adrichem asim machshach lifneihem la'or uma'akashim lemishor eleh hadevarim asitim velo azavtim.
I shall guide the blind on a path they never knew and walk them along an unknown way.  I will turn darkness into light before them, and crooked paths into straight ways. These are the things I shall accomplish without fail.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

17 Nasogu achor yevoshu voshet habotechim bapasel ha'omerim lemasechah atem eloheinu.
Those who trust in idols and who say to the molten image, "You are our god," shall be turned back and put to shame.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

18 Hachershim shma'u veha'iverim habitu lir'ot.
Deaf ones, hear!  Blind ones, look and see! [MeAm Lo'ez]

19 Mi iver ki im-avdi vecheresh kemal'achi eshlach mi iver kimeshulam ve'iver ke'eved HASHEM.
Who is as blind as My servant and as deaf as My sent messenger?  Who is as blind as the perfect one and as blind as the servant of HASHEM?

20 Ra'ot rabot velo tishmor pakoach oznayim velo yishma.
You see many things but pay no attention, your ears are open, but do not hear.

21 HASHEM chafetz lema'an tzidko yagdil torah veyadir.
HASHEM desired for the sake of [Yisrael's] righteousness that the Torah be made great and glorious.

22 Vehu am-bazuz veshasui hafe'ach bachurim kulam uvevatei khela'im hocheba'u hayu lavaz ve'eyn matzil meshisah ve'eyn-omer hashav.
But they are a plundered and trampled people, all trapped in holes and hidden in prisons.  They are looted and no one comes to the rescue, trampled upon and on one to say, "Give it back!"

23 Mi vachem ya'azin zot yakshiv veyishma le'achor.
Who among you will listen to this, who will pay attention and hear of the past? [MeAm Lo'ez]

24 Mi-natan limeshisah Yaakov veYisrael levozezim halo HASHEM zu chatanu lo velo-avu vidrachav haloch velo shame'u betorato.
Who gave Yaakov over to be trampled upon and Yisrael to plunderers, if not HASHEM?  This was our sinning against Him, not wanting to walk in His ways nor listen to His Torah.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

25 Vayishpoch alav chemah apo ve'ezuz milchamah vatelahatehu misaviv velo yada vativ'ar-bo velo-yasim al-lev.
He poured out His wrath upon them with the fierceness of war, it raged around them, but they paid no attention.  It burned them, but they did not take it to heart.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

43:1 Ve'atah koh-amar HASHEM bora'acha Yaakov veyotzercha Yisrael al-tira ki ge'alticha karati veshimcha li-atah.
But now, Yaakov, thus says HASHEM, your Creator, and your Maker, Yisrael:  Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name - you are Mine!
[MeAm Lo'ez]

2 Ki-ta'avor bamayim itcha ani uvaneharot lo yishtefucha ki-telech bemo-esh lo tikaveh velehavah lo tiv'ar-bach.
When you pass through waters, I am with you; through rivers - they will not sweep you away.  When you walk through fire you shall not be scalded and flames will not kindle you.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

3 Ki ani HASHEM Elokeicha Kedosh Yisrael moshi'echa natati chofercha Mitzrayim Kush uSva tachteicha.
For I am HASHEM, your G-d, the Holy One of Yisrael, your Savior.  I have given you ransom from Egypt and placed Kush and Seva beneath you.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

4 Me'asher yakarta ve'einai nichbadeta va'ani ahavticha ve'eten adam tachteicha ule'umim tachat nafshecha.
Because you are dear in My eyes, honored and I love you, I shall place mankind underneath you and nations beneath your soul.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

5 Al-tira ki itecha ani mimizrach avi zar'echa umima'arav akabetzeka.
Fear not, for I am with you - I shall bring your children from the East and gather you from the West.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

6 Omar latzafon teni uleteiman al-tichlai havi'i vanai merachok uvenotai miketzeh ha'aretz.
I shall say to the North, "Give forth!" and to the south, "Hold not back!"  Bring back My children from afar, My daughters from the ends of the earth!

7 Kol hanikra vishmi velichvodi berativ yetzartiv af-asitiv.
All are called in My Name, I created them for My glory, I formed and made them.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

8 Hotzi am-iver ve'einayim yesh vechershim ve'oznayim lamo.
To take out a blind people who have eyes and deaf ones who have ears.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

9 Kol-hagoyim nikbetzu yachdav veye'asfu le'umim mi vahem yagid zot verishonot yashmi'unu yitnu edeihem veyitzdaku veyishme'u veyomeru emet.
[If] all the nations would assemble together, all the nationalities congregate, who among them could predict such things, or tell us of things already come.  Let them bring forth their proofs and be justified, or let them hear and say, "it is true."
[MeAm Lo'ez]

10 Atem edai ne'um-HASHEM ve'avdi asher bacharti lema'an ted'u veta'aminu li vetavinu ki-ani hu lefanai lo-notzar el ve'acharai lo yihyeh.
You are My witnesses, says HASHEM, and My servant whom I have chosen, so tha tyou should know and believe in Me, and understand that I am He.  Before Me was nothing created by any god and after Me shall not be."
[MeAm Lo'ez]