Haftarah Noach
Yeshayahu 54:1-55:5

54:1 Roni akarah lo yaladah pitzchi rinah vetzahali lo-chalah ki-rabim benei-shomemah mibenei ve'ulah amar HASHEM.
"Sing, O barren one who has not given birth!  Break out song and rejoice, you who have not gone through labor!  For the children of the deserted wife shall be more than the children of the married one, says HASHEM.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

2 Harchivi mekom aholech viri'ot mishkenotaich yatu al-tachsochi ha'arichi meitaraich vitedotaich chazeki.
Expand the site of your dwelling place, stretch out your tent cloths, do not stint!  Lengthen your tent ropes and tighten your pegs.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

3 Ki-yamin usmol tifrotzi vezar'ech goyim yirash ve'arim neshamot yoshivu.
For you shall burst forth to the right and the left.  You r descenants shall inherit nations and settle desolate cities.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

4 Al-tir'i ki-lo tevoshi ve'al-tikalmi ki lo tachpiri ki voshet alumaich tishkachi vecherpat almenutaich lo tizkeri-od.
Fear not, for you shall not be shamed; be not troubled, for you shall not be disgraced!  For you shall forget the shame of your youth and no longer remember the disgrace of your widowhood.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

5 Ki vo'alaich osaich HASHEM Tzeva'ot shemo vego'alech Kedosh Yisrael Elokei chol-ha'aretz yikare.
For your Maker shall be your Master - HASHEM of Hosts is His Name.  Your Redeemer is the Holy One of Yisrael - the G-d of the earth He is called.
[MeAm Lo'ez]

6 Ki-che'ishah azuvah va'atzuvat ruach kera'ach HASHEM ve'eshet ne'urim ki tima'es amar Elokaich.
For HASHEM has called you like an abandoned and embittered woman and like the despised bride of one's youth, says your G-d.

7 Berega katon azavtich uverachamim gedolim akabetzech.
I forsook you for a brief moment and will gather you in with great mercy.

8 Beshetzef ketzef histarti fanay rega mimech uvechesed olam richamtich amar go'alech HASHEM.
In a burst of anger, I hid My face from you for a moment, but shall have mercy on you with eternal grace, says your Redeemer, HASHEM.

9 Ki-mei Noach zot li asher nishbati me'avor mei-Noach od al-ha'aretz ken nishbati miktzof alaich umige'or-bach.
For this is My [Word] since the waters of Noach: As I swore that the waters of Noach shall no more come uponthe land, have I sworn not to become angry at you or to rebuke you.

10 Ki heharim yamushu vehageva'ot temuteinah vechasdi me'itech lo-yamush uvrit shlomi lo tamut amar merachamech HASHEM.
The mountains may move and the hills may collapse, but My love shall not budge from you and My Covenant of peace shall not fail, says the Merciful One, HASHEM.

11 Anyah so'arah lo nuchamah hineh anochi marbitz bapuch avanaich visadetich basapirim.
Unconsoled, storm-tossed, impoverished one!  I shall lay carbuncles as your building stones and sapphires as your foundations.

12 Vesamti kadchod shimshotaich ushe'araich le'avnei ekdach vechol-gevulech le'avnei chefetz.
I shall make your windowpanes of rubies and your gates of precious stones and all your borders of gems.

13 Vechol-banaich limudei HASHEM verav shelom banaich.
All your children shall be students of G-d and your sons shall have great peace.

14 Bitzdakah tikonani rachaki me'oshek ki-lo tira'i umimchitah ki lo-tikrav elaich.
Charity shall establish you: You shall be distanced form oppression and shall not fear it; from ruin, for it will not come near you.

15 Hen gor yagur efes me'oti mi-gar itach alaich yipol.
They assemble without Me; they who assemble against you [with you] shall fall upon you.

16 Hineh anochi barati charash nofe'ach be'esh pecham umotzi cheli lema'asehu ve'anochi barati mashchit lechabel.
Behold, it was I Who created the ironsmith who fans the coal fire and makes the tools of his trade and it is I Who created tools of destruction.

17 Kol-keli yutzar alaich lo yitzlach vechol-lashon takum-itach lamishpat tarshi'i zot nachalat avdei HASHEM vetzidkatam me'iti ne'um-HASHEM.
So no tool made against you shall succeed and any tongue to contend with you in judgment you shall defeat.  Such is the lot of G-d's servants and their reward from Me, says HASHEM.

55:1 Hoy kol-tzame lechu lamayim va'asher eyn-lo kasef lechu shiveru ve'echolu ulechu shiveru belo-chesef uvelo mechir yayin vechalav.
Oh!  All you thirsty ones go to the water - even he who has no money.  Go obtain and eat, go obtain wine and milk without money and without pay.

2 Lamah tishkelu-chesef belo-lechem vigi'achem belo lesove'ah shime'u shamoa elai ve'ichlu-tov vetit'anag badeshen nafshechem.
Why pay money for no bread and your hard work for no fill?  Listen to Me and eat the best, pleasure yourselves with fat.

3 Hatu oznechem ulechu elai shime'u utechi nafshechem ve'echretah lachem berit olam chasdei David hane'emanim.
Incline your ears and come to Me, listen and revive your souls.  I shall then make an eternal covenant with you, as the enduring loyalty [promised] to David.

4 Hen ed le'umim netativ nagid umetzaveh le'umim.
Lo, I have made him a witness to the nations, a prince and commander of peoples.

5 Hen goy lo-teda tikra vegoy lo-yeda'ucha eleicha yarutzu lema'an HASHEM Elokeicha velikedosh Yisrael ki fe'arach.
Lo, you shall call a nation you knew not and a nation which knew you not shall run to you - for the sake of HASHEM, your G-d and the Holy One of Yisrael, Who has glorified you.