Haftarah VaYera
2 Melachim 4:1 - 4:37

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4:1 Ve'ishah achat minshei venei-hanevi'im tza'akah el-Elisha lemor avdecha ishi met ve'atah yadata ki avdecha hayah yare et-HASHEM vehanosheh ba lakachat et-shenei yeladai lo la'avadim.
A certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha, saying, "Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that your servant feared HASHEM. And the creditor is coming to take my two sons to be his slaves."

2 Vayomer eleyha Elisha mah e'eseh-lacch hagidi-li mah-yesh-lach babayit vatomer eyn leshifchatcha chol babayit ki im-asuch shamen.
So Elisha said to her, "What shall I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in the house?" And she said, "Your maidservant has nothing in the house but a jar of oil."

3 Vayomer lechi sha'ali-lach kelim min-hachutz me'et kol-shchenaich kelim rekim al-tam'iti.
Then he said, "Go, borrow vessels from everywhere, from all your neighbors--empty vessels; do not gather just a few.

4 Uvat vesagart hadelet ba'adech uve'ad-banaich veyatzakt al-kol-hakelim ha'eleh vehamale tasi'i.
And when you have come in, you shall shut the door behind you and your sons; then pour it into all those vessels, and set aside the full ones."

5 Vatelech me'ito vatisgor hadelet ba'adah uve'ad baneiha hem magishim eleiha vehi motzaket.
So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons, who brought the vessels to her; and she poured it out.

6 Vayehi kimelot hakelim vatomer el-benah hagishah elai od keli vayomer eleiha ein od keli vaya'amod hashamen.
Now it came to pass, when the vessels were full, that she said to her son, "Bring me another vessel." And he said to her, "There is not another vessel." So the oil ceased.

7 Vatavo vataged le'ish ha'Elokim vayomer lechi michri et-hashemen veshalmi et-nishyech ve'at uvanaich tichi banotar.
Then she came and told the man of G-d. And he said, "Go, sell the oil and pay your debt; and you and your sons live on the rest."

8 Vayehi hayom vaya'avor Elisha el-Shunem vesham ishah gdolah vatachazek-bo le'echol-lachem vayehi midei overo yasur shamah le'chol-lachem.
Now it happened one day that Elisha went to Shunem, where there was a notable woman, and she persuaded him to eat some food. So it was, as often as he passed by, he would turn in there to eat some food.

9 Vatomer el-ishah hineh-na yadati ki ish Elokim kadosh hu over aleinu tamid.
And she said to her husband, "Look now, I know that this is a holy man of G-d, who passes by us regularly.

10 Na'aseh-na alyat-kir ktanah venasim lo sham mitah veshulchan vechise umenorah vehayah bevo'o eleinu yasur shamah.
Please, let us make a small upper room on the wall; and let us put a bed for him there, and a table and a chair and a lampstand; so it will be, whenever he comes to us, he can turn in there."

The Shunamit Woman's Hospitality

11 Vayehi hayom vayavo shamah vayasar el-ha'alyah vayishkav-shamah.
It happened one day that he arrived there, and he turned in to the attic and lay down there.

12 Vayomer el-Gechazi na'aro kera la-Shunamit hazot vayikra-lah vata'amod lefanav.
He said to Gechazi his attendant, "Summon that Shunamite woman." He summoned her and she stood before him.

13 Vayomer lo emor-na eleiha hineh charadet eleinu et-kol-hacharadah hazot meh la'asot lach hayesh ledaber-lach el-hamelech o el-sar hatzava vatomer betoch ami anocchi yoshavet.
He then said to [Gechazi], "Please say to her, 'Behold, you have undertaken all this exertion on our behalf - what [favor] can be done for you? Can something be said on your behalf to the king or the army commander?'" She replied, "I dwell among my people."

14 Vayomer umah la'asot lah vayomer Gechazi aval ben ein-lah ve'ishah zaken.
So he said [to Gechazi], "What can be done for her?"

Elisha's Blessing of a Son

15 Vayomer kera-lah vayikra-lah vata'amod bapatach.
He said, "Summon her"; so he summoned her and she stood in the doorway.

16 Vayomer lamo'ed hazeh ka'et chayah at choveket ben vatomer al-adoni ish ha'Elokim al-techazev beshifchatecha.
[Elisha] said, "At this season next year you will embracing a son." She said, "Do not, my master, O man of G-d, do not disappoint your maidservant!"

17 Vatahar ha'ishah vateled ben lamo'ed hazeh ka'et chayah asher-diber eleiha Elisha.
The woman conceived and bore a son at that season the next year, as Elisha had told her.

18 Vayigdal hayaled vayehi hayom vayetze el-aviv el-hakotzrim.
The boy grew up. It happened one day, he went out to his father, to the reapers [in the field].

19 Vayomer el-aviv roshi roshi vayomer el-hana'ar sa'ehu el-imo.
He said to his father, "My head! My head!" [His father] said to the attendant, "Carry him to his mother."

20 Vayisa'ehu vayevi'ehu el-imo vayeshev al-birkeiha ad-hatzohorayim vayamot.
He carried him and brought him to his mother; he sat in her lap until noon, and then he died.

21 Vata'al vatashkivehu al-mitat ish ha'Elokim vatisgor ba'ado vatetze.
She went up and laid him on the bed of the man of G-d, shut [the door] upon him and left.

22 Vatikra el ishah vatomer shilchah na li echad min-hane'arim ve'achat ha'atonot ve'arutzah ad-ish ha'Elokim ve'ashuvah.
She then called her husband and said, "Please send me one of the attendants and one of the donkeys, so that I can hurry to the man of G-d and return."

23 Vayomer madua at holechet elav hayom lo-chodesh velo shabat vatomer shalom.
He said, "Why are you going to him today? It is not a New Moon or a Sabbath!"

24 Vatachavosh ha'aton vatomer el-na'arah nehag valech al-ta'atzor-li lirkov ki im-amarti lach.
She saddled the donkey and said to her attendant, "Lead and go, and do not impede me from riding unless I tell you."

25 Vatelech vatavo el-ish ha'Elokim el-har haKarmel vayehi kir'ot ish-ha'Elokim otah mineged vayomer el-Gechazi na'aro hineh haShunamit halaz.
She set out and came to the man of G-d at Mount Carmel. When the man of G-d saw her from afar, he said to Gechazi, his attendant, "Behold - it is that Shunamit woman!

26 Atah rutz-na likratah ve'emor-lah hashalom lach hashalom le-ishech hashalom layaled vatomer shalom.
Now, please run toward her and say to her, 'Is it well with you? Is it well with your husband? Is it well with the boy?"

27 Vatavo el-ish ha'Elokim el-hahar vatachazek beraglav vayigash Gechazi lehodefah vayomer ish ha'Elokim harpeh-lah ki-nafshah marah-lah va'HASHEM helim mimeni velo higid li.
She came before the man of G-d at the mountain and grasped his legs. Gechazi approached to push her away, but the man of G-d said, "Leave her, for her soul is bitter within her, HASHEM has hidden it from me and not told me."

28 Vatomer hasha'alti ven me'et adoni halo amarti lo tashleh oti.
She said, "Did I request a son of my master? Did I not say, 'Do not mislead me!'?"

29 Vayomer le-Gechazi chagor motneicha vekach mish'anti veyadecha valech ki-timtza ish lo tevarchenu vechi-yevarechecha ish lo ta'anenu vesamta mish'anti al-penei hana'ar.
he said to Gechazi, "Gird your loins; take my staff in your hand and go. If you meet a man, do not greet him, and if a man greets you, do not respond to him. Place my staff upon the lad's face."

30 Vatomer em-hana'ar chai-HASHEM vechei-nafshecha im e'ezveka vayakom vayelech achareiha.
The lad's mother said. "[I swear] as HASHEM lives and and [I swear] as you live, I will not leave you!" So he arose and went after her.

31 VeGechazi avar lifneihem vayasem et-hamish'enet al-penei hana'ar ve'ein kol ve'ein kashev vayashov likrato vayaged-lo lemor lo hekitz hana'ar.
Gechazi went ahead of them and placed the staff on the lad's face, but there was no sound and nothing was heard. He returned toward [Elisha] and told him saying, "The lad has not awakened."

32 Vayavo Elisha habaitah vehineh hana'ar met mushkav al-mitato.
Elisha came into the house and behold - the lad was dead, laid out on his bed.

33 Vayavo vayisgor hadelet be'ad sheneihem vayitpalel el-HASHEM.
He entered and shut the door behind them both, and prayed to HASHEM.

34 Vaya'al vayishkav al-hayeled vayasem piv al-piv ve'einav al-einav vechapav al-kapav vayighar alav vayacham besar hayaled.
Then he went up and lay upon the boy, placing his mouth upon his mouth, his eyes upon his eyes, and his palms upon his palms. He stretched himself out over him, and warmed the flesh of the boy.

35 Vayashov vayelech babayit achat henah ve'achat henah vaya'al vayighar alav vayezorer hana'ar ad-sheva pe'amim vayifkach hana'ar et-einav.
He withdrew and walked through the house, once this way and once that way, then he went up and stretched himself over him. The lad sneezed seven times, and the lad opened his eyes.

36 Vayikra el-Gechazi vayomer kera el-haShunamit hazot vayikra'eha vatavo elav vayomer se'i venech.
[Elisha] called Gechazi and said, "Summon this Shunamit woman." He summoned her and she came to him; he said, "Pick up your son!"

37 Vatavo vatipol al-raglav vatishtachu artzah vatisa et-benah vatetze.
She came and fell at his feet and bowed down to the ground; she then picked up her son and left.