Haftarah VaYeshev
Amos 2:6 - 3:8

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2:6 Koh amar HASHEM al-shloshah pish'ei Yisrael ve'al-arba'ah lo ashivenu al-michram bakesef tzadik ve'evyon ba'avur na'alayim.
Thus said HASHEM: For three transgressions of Yisrael [I have looked away], but for four I will not pardon them - for their selling a righteous man for money, and a poor man for shoes.

7 Hasho'afim al-far-eretz berosh dalim vederech anavim yatu ve'ish ve'aviv yelchu el-hana'arah lema'an chalel et-shem kodeshi.
They aspire [as they walk on] the dust of the earth for the head of the poor and they twist the judgment of the humble; a man and his father go to a maiden in order to desecrate My holy Name.

8 Ve'al begadim chavulim yatu etzel kol-mizbe'ach veyein anushim yishtu beit Elokeihem.
They recline on pawned garments beside every altar and they drink the wine of victims they penalized in the temple of their gods.

9 Ve'anochi hishmadeti et-ha'Emori mipneihem asher kegovah arazim goveho vechason hu ka'alonim va'ashmid piryo mima'al veshorashav mitachat.
yet I destroyed the Emori from before them - [the Emori] whose height was like the height of cedar trees and who were mighty as oaks - and I destroyed his fruit from above and his roots from below.

10 Ve'anochi he'eleti etchem me'eretz Mitzrayim va'olech etchem bamidbar arba'im shanah lareshet et-eretz ha'Emori.
I brought you up from the land of Egypt and I led you through the wilderness for forty years; to take possession of the land of the Emori.

11 Va'akim mibneichem linevi'im umibachureichem linezirim ha'af ein-zot benei Yisrael ne'um-HASHEM.
I established some of your sons as prophets and some of your young men as nazirim; is this not also so, O Children of Yisrael? - the word of HASHEM.

12 Vatashku et-hanezirim yayin ve'al-hanevi'im tzivitem lemor lo tinave'u.
But you gave the nazirim wine to drink and you commanded the prophets, saying, 'Do not prophesy.'

13 Hineh anochi me'ik tachteichem ka'asher ta'ik ha'agalah hamele'ah lah amir.
Behold, I will encumber [you] in your place just as a wagon full of sheaves is encumbered.

14 Ve'avad manos mikal vechazak lo-ye'ametz kocho vegibor lo-yemalet nafsho.
Escape will elude the swift one; the strong one will not muster his strength; and the mighty one will not save his soul.

15 Vetofesh hakeshet lo ya'amod vekal beraglav lo yemalet verochev hasus lo yemalet nafsho.
He who holds the bow will not stand; the swift of foot will not save himself; the rider of the horse will not save his soul;

16 Ve'amitz libo bagiborim arom yanus bayom-hahu ne'um-HASHEM.
and the bold-hearted among the mighty will flee naked on that day - the word of HASHEM.

3:1 Shime'u et-hadavar hazeh asher diber HASHEM aleichem benei Yisrael al kol-hamishpachah asher he'eleti me'eretz Mitzrayim lemor.
Hear this prophecy that HASHEM has spoken concerning you, Children of Yisrael, concerning the entire family that I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying:

2 Rak etchem yadati mikol mishpechot ha'adamah al-ken efkod aleichem et kol-avonoteichem.
You alone did I know from among all the families of the earth; therefore I will hold you to account for all your inquities.

3 Hayelk\chu shenayim yachdav bilti im-noa'du.
Do two people walk together, unless they had [so] arranged?

4 Hayish'ag aryeh baya'ar veteref eyn lo hayiten kfir kolo mime'onato bilti im-lakhad.
Does a lion roar in the forest, if it has no kill? Does a young lion send forth his voice frm his lair, unless he has captured [prey]?

5 Hatipol tzipor al-pach ha'aretz umokesh ein lah haya'aleh-pach min-ha'adamah velachod lo yilkod.
Does a bird fall into a trap on the ground, if it does not have a snare? Does the trap rise from the ground, unless it has entrapped?

6 Im-yitaka shofar be'ir ve'am lo yecheradu im-tihyeh rah be'ir va'HASHEM lo asah.
Is the shofar ever sounded in a city and the people not tremble? Can there be misfortune in a city, if HASHEM had not brought it?

7 Ki lo ya'aseh Ad-nai HASHEM davar ki im-galah sodo el-avadav hanevi'im.
For Ad-nai HASHEM will not do anything unless He has revealed His secred to His servants the prophets.

8 Aryeh sha'ag mi lo yira Ad-nai HASHEM diber mi lo yinave.
A lion has roared; who will not fear? Ad-nai HASHEM has spoken; who will not prophecy?