Haftarah VaYetze
Hoshea 12:13 - 14:10

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12:13 Vayivrach Yaakov sedeh Aram vaya'avod Yisrael be'ishah uve'ishah shamar.
Yaakov fled to the field of Aram; Yisrael worked for a wife, and for a wife he guarded [sheep].

14 Uvenavi he'elah HASHEM et-Yisrael miMitzrayim uvenavi nishmar.
And by a prophet HASHEM brought Yisrael up from Egypt, and through a prophet they were safeguarded.

15 Hich'is Efrayim tamrurim vedamav alav yitosh vecherpato yashiv lo Adonav.
Efrayim has angered [G-d] bitterly, and his blood guilt will be spread upon him, and his Master will repay him for his scorn.

13:1 Kedaber Efrayim retet nasa hu beYisrael vayesham Baba'al vayamot.
When Efrayim spoke there was trembling; he was exalted in Yisrael, but he became guilty through Baba'al and he died.

2 Ve'atah yosifu lachato vaya'asu lahem masechah mikaspam kitevunam atzabim ma'aseh charashim kuloh lahem hem omrim zovchei adam agalim yishakun.
Now they continue to sin and they have made for themselves a molten image from their silver according to their design, idols, wholly the work of craftsmen. [The priests] say to them, 'Those who slaughter man shall kiss the calves.'

3 Lachen yihyu ka'anan-boker vechatal mashkim holech kemotz eso'er migoren uche'ashan me'arubah.
Therefore, they shall become like the morning cloud, like the early dew that departs, like chaff that is blown from the threshing floor, and like smoke from a skylight.

4 Ve'anochi HASHEM Elokeicha me'eretz Mitzrayim ve'Elokim zulati lo teda umoshia ayin bilti.
I am HASHEM your G-d since the land of Egypt, and you should not have known any god besides Me, for there is no savior but Me.

5 Ani yedaticha bamidbar be'eretz tal'uvot.
I knew you in the wilderness, in a parched land.

6 Kemar'itam vayisba'u save'u vayarom libam al-ken shechechuni.
With their pasture they became sated; they were sated and their hearts grew haughty; therefore they forgot Me.

7 Va'ehi lahem kemo-shachal kenamer al-derech Ashur.
I will be like a lion to them; like a leopard I will lurk on the road.

8 Efgeshem kedov shakul ve'ekra segor libam ve'ochlem sham kelavi chayat hasadeh tevake'em.
I will encounter them like a bereaved bear and rip open the enclosure of their heart; I will devour them there like a lion; the beast of the field will split them open.

9 Shichetcha Yisrael ki-vi ve'ezrecha.
You have destroyed yourself, Yisrael! For [you rebelled] against Me, your help.

10 Ehi malkecha efo veyoshi'acha bechol-areicha veshofteicha asher amarta tnah-li melech vesarim.
I will be; [but] where is your king, that he may save you in all your cities, and your judges, of whom you said, 'Give me a king and offers'?

11 Eten lecha melech be'api ve'ekach be'evrati.
I gave you a king in My anger, and I will take [him] away in My fury.

12 Tzarur avon Efrayim tzefunah chatato.
Efrayim's iniquity is bound up; his sin is hidden away.

13 Chevlei yoledah yavo'u lo hu-ven lo chacham ki-et lo-ya'amod bemishbar banim.
The pangs of childbirth will come upon him; he is an unwise child, for he should not stay long at the children's birthstool.

14 Miyad sheol efdem mimavet eg'alem ehi devareicha mavet ehi kotovcha sheol nocham yisater me'einai.
From the clutches of the grave I would have ransomed them; I would have redeemed them from death; [but now,] I will be your words of death; I will be the One Who decrees the grave upon you; remorse will be hidden from My eyes.

15 Ki hu bein achim yafri yavo kadim ruach HASHEM mimidbar oleh veyevosh mekoro veyecherav mayano hu yishse otzar kol-kli chemedah.
For [though] he flourishes among the marshes, an east wind will come, a wind of HASHEM ascending from the wilderness, and his fountainhead will become parched and his spring will dry up; and it will plunder the treasure of every splendid article.

14:1 Tesham Shomeron ki martah be'Elokeiha bacherev yipolu oleleihem yerutashu vehari'otav yevuka'u.
Shomeron [Samaria] will be laid waste, for she has rebelled against her G-d/ They will fall by the sword; their infants will be dashed and their pregnant women split open.

2 Shuvah Yisrael ad HASHEM Elokeicha ki chashalta ba'avonecha.
Return, Yisrael, unto HASHEM your G-d, for you have stumbled in your iniquity.

3 Kchu imachem devarim veshuvu el-HASHEM imeru elav kol-tisa avon vekach-tov uneshalmah farim sfateynu.
Take words with you and return to HASHEM; say to Him, 'May You forgive all iniquity and accept good [intentions], and let our lips substitute for bulls.

4 Ashur lo yoshi'enu al-sus lo nirkav velo-nomar od eloheinu lema'aseh yadeinu asher-becha yerucham yatom.
Ashur [Assyria] will not sve us; we will not ride upon horses, and we will no longer say, "O our gods!" to the work of our hands; for it is with You that an orphan finds mercy.'

5 Erpa meshuvatam ohavem nedavah ki shav api mimenu.
I will rectify their waywardness; I will love them gratuitously; for My anger has turned away from them.

6 Eheyeh chatal le-Yisrael yifrach kashoshanah veyach shorashav kaLevanon.
I will be to Yisrael like the dew, and he will blossom like a rosebush, and his roots will strike out like the [cedars of] Levanon.

7 Yelchu yonekotav vyhi chazayit hodo vere'ach lo kaLevanon.
His tender branches will go forth, and his glory will be like [that of] the olive tree and his fragrance like that of Levanon.

8 Yashuvu yoshvei veTziloh yechayu dagan veyifrechu chagafen zichro keyein Levanon.
Those who dwell in His shade will return; they will revive [like] grain and blossom like a vine; their repute [will be] like the wine of Levanon.

9 Efrayim mah-li od la'atzabim ani aniti va'ashurenu ani kivrosh ra'anan mimeni pericha nimtza.
Efrayim [will say], 'What more need have I of idols?' I will respond and I will gaze upon him, I am like an ever-fresh cypress tree; your fruit will be provided from Me.

10 Mi chacham veyaven eleh navon veyeda'em ki-yesharim darchei HASHEM vetzaddikim yelchu vam ufosh'im yikashlu vam.
Who is wise and will understand these things; [who is] understanding and will know them? For the ways of Hashem are straight; the righteous walk in them and sinners will stumble over them.