Haftarah VaYishlach
'Ovadya 1:1 - 1:21

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1:1 Chazon 'Ovadya koh-amar Ad-nai HASHEM le-Edom shmu'ah shamanu me'et HASHEM vetzir bagoyim shulach kumu venakumah aleiha lamilchamah.
The vision of 'Ovadya; thus said Ad-nai HASHEM concerning Edom: We have heard tidings from HASHEM and a messenger has been sent among the nations [saying], 'Arise and let us rise up against her for battle.'

2 Hineh katon netaticha bagoyim bazu'i atah me'od.
Behold, I have made you inferior among the nations; you are very despised.

3 Zedon libecha hishi'echa shochni bechagvei-sela merom shivto omer belibo mi yorideni aretz.
The wickedness of your heart has misled you, [you] who dwells in the clefts of the rocks [in] his lofty abode, who says in his heart, 'Who can bring me down to earth?'

4 Im-tagbiha kanesher ve'im-bein kochavim sim kinecha misham oridecha ne'um-HASHEM.
Even if you raise [your nest] like an eable or if you place your nest among the stars, I will bring you down from there - the word of HASHEM.

5 Im-ganavim ba'u-lecha im-shodedei lailah eich nidmeitah halo yignevu dayam im-botzrim ba'u lach halo yash'iru olelot.
If theives had come upon you, if plunders of the night - how utterly you are cut off! - would they not steal [only] until they had enough for themselves? If grape harvesters would come to you, would they not leave over gleanings?

6 Eich nechpesu 'Esav nive'u matzpunav.
How has 'Esav been searched, his hoards revealed?

7 Ad-hagvul shilchucha kol anshei vritecha hishi'ucha yachlu lecha anshei shlomecha lachmecha yasimu mazor tachteicha ein tevunah bo.
All the men of your covenant escorted you until the border; the men at peace with you misled you [and] prevailed over you; [those who eat] your bread made a woundin your place. there is no understanding in him.

8 Halo bayom hahu ne'um-HASHEM veha'avadeti chachamim me'Edom utevunah mehar 'Esav.
Behold, on that day - the world of HASHEM - I will eradicate wise men from Edom and understanding from the Mountain of 'Esav.

9 Vechatu giboreicha Teyman lema'an yikaret-ish mehar 'Esav mikatel.
Your mighty ones to the south will be broken, so that every man will be cut off from the Mountain of 'Esav by the slaughter.

10 Mechamas achicha Yaakov techascha vushah venichratah le'olam.
For the oppression of yoru brother Yaakov, disgrace will envelop you and you will be cut off forever.

11 Beyom amodcha mineged beyom shvot zarim cheilo venochrim ba'u she'arav ve'al-Yerushalayim yadu goral gam-atah ke'achad mehem.
On the day that you stood from afar, on the day that strangers captured his wealth, and foreigners came to his gates and cast a lottery on Yerushalayim, you too were like one of them.

12 Ve'al-tere veyom-achicha beyom nochro ve'al-tismach livnei-Yehudah beyom ovedam ve'al-tagdel picha beyom tzarah.
Gaze not on the day of your brother, the day of his estrangement; and rejoice not over the Children of Yehudah on the day of their destruction; and do not expand your mouth on the day of misfortune.

13 Al-tavo vesha'ar ami beyom eydam al-tere gam-atah bera'ato beyom eido ve'al-tishlachnah vecheilo beyom eido.
Enter not the gate of My people on the day of their calamity; gaze not, you too, upon his evil on the day of his calamity, and do not extend [your hands] to his wealth on his day of his calamity.

14 Ve'al-ta'amod al-haperek lehachrit et-plitav ve'al-tasger seridav beyom tzarah.
Stand not by the crossroads to cut off his fugitives; and deliver not his survivors on the day of misfortune.

15 Ki-karov yom HASHEM al-kol-hagoyim ka'asher asita ye'aseh lach gemulcha yashuv beroshecha.
For the day of HASHEM upon all the nations is close; as you have done, [so] shall be done to you; your requital shall return upon your head.

16 Ki ka'asher shtitem al-har kodshi yishtu chol-hagoyim tamid veshatu vela'u vehayu kelo hayu.
For just as you drank on My holy mountain, so will all the nations drink ceaselessly; they will drink and be confounded, and become as if they never were.

17 Uvehar Tziyon tihyeh fleytah vehayah kodesh veyarshu beit Yaakov et morasheihem.
On Mount Tziyon there will be refuge, and it will be holy; and the house of Yaakov will inherit those who had dispossessed them.

18 Vehayah veit Yaakov esh uveit Yosef lehavah uveit 'Esav lekash vedalku vahem va'achalum velo-yihyeh sarid leveit 'Esav ki HASHEM diber.
The house of Yaakov will be fire, the house of Yosef a flame, and the house of 'Esav for straw; and they will ignite them and devour them. There will be no survivor to the house of 'Esav, for HASHEM has spoken.

19 Veyarshu haNegev et-har 'Esav vehashfelah et-Pelishtim veyarshu et-sedeh Efrayim ve'et sdeh Shomeron uVinyamin et-haGilad.
And [those of] the southland will inherit the Mountain of 'Esav; and [those of] the lowlands [will inherit] the Pelishtim, and they will inherit the fields of Efrayim and the fields of Shomeron [Samaria]; and Binyamin [will inherit] Gilad.

20 Vegalut hachel-hazeh livnei Yisrael asher-Knaanim ad-Tzarfat vegalut Yerushalayim asher biSfarad yirshu et arey haNegev.
This exiled host of the Children of Yisrael who are among the Kenaanim until Tzarfat, and the exile of Yerushalayim which is in Sefarad will inherit the cities of the South.

21 Ve'alu moshi'im behar Tziyon lishpot et-har 'Esav vehayetah l'HASHEM hameluchah.
and saviors will ascend Mount Tziyon to judge the Mountain of 'Esav, and the kingdom will be HASHEM'S.