VaYikra 19:1 - 20:27

Parashat Kedoshim



19:1 Vayedaber HASHEM el-Moshe lemor
HASHEM spoke to Moshe, saying,

2 Daber el-kol-adat benei-Yisra'el ve'amarta alehem kedoshim tiheyu ki kadosh ani HASHEM Elokeichem
"Speak to the entire congregation [of] the Children of Yisrael and say to them, You shall be holy, for I, HASHEM, your G-d, am holy.

3 Ish imo ve'aviv tira'u ve'et-Shabbtotai tishmoru ani HASHEM Elokeichem
Every man - you shall fear his mother and father and keep My Sabbaths, I am HASHEM, your G-d.

4 Al-tifnu el-ha'elilim ve'elohei masechah lo ta'asu lachem ani HASHEM Elokeichem
Do not turn to the idols and do not make molten gods for yourselves, I am HASHEM, your G-d.


Piggul - Rejected Offerings

5 Vechi tizbechu zevach shlamim l'HASHEM lirtzonchem tizbachuhu
When you slaughter a peace-offering to HASHEM, you shall slaughter it to be acceptable for you.

6 Beyom zivechachem ye'achel umimachorat vehanotar ad-yom hashlishi ba'esh yisaref
On the day that it is slaughtered it may be eaten and on the next day.  Whatever is left over by the third day shall be burned in fire.

7 Ve'im he'achol ye'achel bayom hashlishi pigul hu lo yeratzeh
And if it should be eaten at all on the third day it is an abomination, it will not be favorably accepted.

8 Ve'ochlav avono yisa ki-et-kodesh HASHEM chilel venichretah hanefesh hahi me'ameiha
Whoever eats from it shall bear his iniquity, for the sacred [things] of HASHEM he has defiled.  That [person's] soul shall be cut off from its people.


Gifts to the Poor

9 Uvekutzrechem et-ketzir artzechem lo techaleh pe'at sadecha liktzor veleket ketzircha lo telaket
When you will reap the harvest of your land, you shall not completely reap a corner of your field, and the gleanings of your harvest you shall not gather.

10 Vecharmecha lo te'olel uferet karmecha lo telaket le'ani velager ta'azov otam ani HASHEM Elokeichem
You shall not glean your vineyard, and the fallen grapes of your vineyard, you shall not gather.  For the poor and the proselyte you shall leave them, I am HASHEM, your G-d.


Honest Dealings with and Love of Others

11 Lo tignovu velo-techachashu velo-teshakru ish ba'amito
You shall not steal.  You shall not deny [a rightful claim] and each one of you shall not lie to each other.

12 Velo-tishav'u vishmi lashaker vechilalta et-shem Elokeicha ani HASHEM
You shall not swear falsely by My Name profaning the Name of your G-d, I am HASHEM.

13 Lo-ta'ashok et-re'acha velo tigzol lo-talin pe'ulat sachir itcha ad-boker
You shall not withhold the wages of your fellow [Jew] and you shall not rob.  It shall not remain overnight, the wages of a day-laborer, keeping it in your possession until morning.

14 Lo-tekalel cheresh velifnei iver lo titen michshol veyareta me'Elokeicha ani HASHEM
You shall not curse a deaf person and before a blind person you shall not place a stumbling block; you shall fear your G-d, I am HASHEM.


15 Lo-ta'asu avel bamishpat lo-tisa fnei dal velo tehedar penei gadol betzedek tishpot amitecha
You shall not commit injustice in judgment, you shall not favor a poor man and you shall not show honor to a powerful man.  With righteousness shall you judge your fellow [Jew].

16 Lo telech rachil be'amecha lo ta'amod al-dam re'echa ani HASHEM
Do not be a tale-bearer among your people.  You shall not stand idly by [when] the blood [life] of your fellow [is in danger].  I am HASHEM.

17 Lo-tisna et-achicha bilvavecha hoche'ach tochiach et-amitecha velo-tisa alav chet
You shall not hate your brother in your heart; you shall certainly rebuke your friend; [but] you shall not bear a sin on his account.

18 Lo-tikom velo-titor et-benei amecha ve'ahavta lere'acha kamocha ani HASHEM
You shall not take revenge or bear a grudge against the children of your people.  You shall love your fellow [Jew] as yourself, I am HASHEM.


Kil'ayim - Forbidden Mixtures

19 Et-chukotai tishmoru behemtecha lo-tarbia kil'ayim sadecha lo-tizra kil'ayim uveged kil'ayim sha'atnez lo ya'aleh aleicha
Keep My statutes; do not cross-breed your animals with different species.  Do not sow your field with a mixture of different seeds.  A garment that contains shatnez [mixture of linen and wool] you shall not wear.


Shifchah Charufah - Designated Maidservant

20 Ve'ish ki-yishkav et-ishah shichvat-zera vehi shifchah necherefet le'ish vehofdeh lo nifdatah o chufshah lo nitan-lah bikoret tiheyeh lo yumtu ki-lo chupashah
If a man lies with a woman in a conjugal manner, and she is a maid-servant designated for a [specific] man and she has certainly not been redeemed, or her freedom was not given to her; there shall be an investigation - they shall not be put to death - for her freedom was not given to her.

21 Vehevi et-ashamo l'HASHEM el-petach Ohel Mo'ed eil asham
He shall bring his guilt-offering to HASHEM, to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting, a guilt-offering ram.

22 Vechiper alav hakohen be'eil ha-asham lifnei HASHEM al-chatato asher chata venislach lo mechatato asher chata
The Kohen shall atone for him with the guilt-offering ram before HASHEM for the sin which he committed and he will be forgiven for the sin which he committed.



Fruit Trees

23 Vechi-tavo'u el-ha'aretz unetatem kol-etz ma'achal va'araltem orlato et-piryo shalosh shanim yiheyeh lachem arelim lo ye'achel
When you will enter the land and you will plant any food-bearing tree, you shall regard its fruit as closed off.  [For] three years it shall be closed off to you, it shall not be eaten.

24 Uvashanah harevi'it yiheyeh kol-piryo kodesh hilulim l'HASHEM
On the fourth year, all of its fruit shall be holy [upon which to say] praise to HASHEM.

25 Uvashanah hachamishit tochlu et-piryo lehosif lachem tevu'ato ani HASHEM Elokeichem
On the fifth year, you may eat its fruit, so that it will increase its produce for you, I am HASHEM, your G-d.

26 Lo tochlu al-hadam lo tenachashu velo te'onenu
You shall not eat over the blood.  You shall not act on the basis of omens nor act on the basis of auspicious times.



27 Lo takifu pe'at roshchem velo tashchit et-pe'at zekanecha
Do not round the corners of [the hair on] your heads and you shall not destroy [by shaving] the edges of your beard.



28 Veseret lanefesh lo titnu bivesarchem uchtovet ka'aka lo titnu bachem ani HASHEM
Gashes for the dead do not make in your skin. Do not put tattoo marks on yourselves, I am HASHEM.



29 Al-techalel et-bitcha lehaznotah velo-tizneh ha'aretz umal'ah ha'aretz zimah
You shall not defile your daughter by causing her to engage in harlotry lest the land be filled with lewdness.

30 Et-Shabbtotai tishmoru umikdashi tira'u ani HASHEM
You shall keep My Sabbaths and you shall fear My Sanctuary, I am HASHEM


Do Not Seek Mediums, Witches

31 Al-tichnu el-ha'ovot ve'el-hayid'onim al-tevakshu letom'ah vahem ani HASHEM Elokeichem
You shall not turn to mediums nor seek out oracles; do not seek [them] out, so as to defile yourselves through them.  I am HASHEM, your G-d.


Respect Elders

32 Mipnei seivah takum vehadarta penei zaken veyareta me'Elokeicha ani HASHEM
In the presence of the elderly you shall rise and you shall respect an elder; you shall have fear of your G-d, I am HASHEM.


Revi'i (Shishi when combined)

Love the Convert

33 Vechi-yagur itcha ger be'artzechem lo tonu oto
If a proselyte comes to live with you, in your land, do not cause him anguish.

34 Ke'ezrach mikem yiheyeh lachem hager hagar itchem ve'ahavta lo kamocha ki-gerim heyitem be'eretz Mitzrayim ani HASHEM Elokeichem
As one of your native born he shall be considered by you, the proselyte who lives with you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt, I am HASHEM, your G-d.


Weights and Measures

35 Lo-ta'asu avel bamishpat bamidah bamishkal uvamesurah
You shall not commit injustice in judgment, in [land] measure, in weight or in volume measure.

36 Moznei tzedek avnei-tzedek eifat tzedek vehin tzedek yiheyeh lachem ani HASHEM Elokeichem asher-hotzeti etchem me'eretz Mitzrayim
Just scales and just weights a just dry measure [efah] and a just liquid measure [hin] you shall have for yourselves, I am HASHEM, you G-d Who has taken you out of the land of Egypt.

37 Ushmartem et-kol-chukotai ve'et-kol-mishpatai va'asitem otam ani HASHEM
You must keep all my statutes and all of my laws, and do [observe] them.  I am HASHEM."




20:1 Vayedaber HASHEM el-Moshe lemor
HASHEM spoke to Moshe, saying,

2 Ve'el-benei Yisra'el tomar ish ish mibenei Yisra'el umin-hager hagar beYisra'el asher yiten mizar'o la-Molech mot yumat am ha'aretz yirgemuhu va'aven
"And to the Children of Yisrael you shall say, That each and every man of the Children of Yisrael and from the proselytes that reside in Yisrael, who will give any of his children to Molech, [that] he shall surely be put to death; the people of the land shall stone him to death.

3 Va'ani eten et-panai ba'ish hahu vehichrati oto mikerev amo ki mizar'o natan la-Molech lema'an tame et-mikdashi ulechalel et-shem kodeshi
I shall direct My wrath on that man and I shall cut him off from among his people, for he gave his children to Molech, in order to defile My Sanctuary and profane My Holy Name.

4 Ve'im halem yalimu am ha'aretz et-eineihem min-ha'ish hahu betito mizar'o la-Molech levilti hamit oto
If the people of the land will hide their eyes from that person, when he gives of his children to Molech, and they do not put him to death.

5 Vesamti ani et-panai ba'ish hahu uvemishpachto vehichrati oto ve'et kol-hazonim acharav liznot acharei haMolech mikerev amam
I shall set My wrath against that man and his family; I shall cut him off, along with all those who go astray after him to go astray after Molech, [they will be cut off] from among the people.

6 Vehanefesh asher tifneh el-ha'ovot ve'el-hayid'onim liznot achareihem venatati et-panai banefesh hahi vehichrati oto mikerev amo
The person who turns to mediums and oracles to stray after them; I shall direct My wrath against that person and cut him off from among his people.

7 Vehitkadishtem viheyitem kedoshim ki ani HASHEM Elokeichem
You shall sanctify yourselves and be holy for I am HASHEM, your G-d.

Shishi (Shevi'i when combined)

8 Ushmartem et-chukotai va'asitem otam ani HASHEM mekadishchem
You must keep My statutes and do [observe] them.  I am HASHEM who sanctifies you.

9 Ki-ish ish asher yekalel et-aviv ve'et-imo mot yumat aviv ve'imo kilel damav bo
Any man that curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.  [Since] he has cursed his father or mother, his blood is on him.


Punishments for Forbidden Relationships

10 Ve'ish asher yin'af et-eshet ish asher yin'af et-eshet re'ehu mot-yumat hano'ef vehano'afet
A man who commits adultery with another man's wife who commits adultery with the wife of his fellow man - they shall surely be put to death - the adulterer and the adulteress.

11 Ve'ish asher yishkav et-eshet aviv ervat aviv gilah mot yumtu shneihem dmeihem bam
A man who will lie [conjugally] with his father's wife has uncovered his father's nakedness; they both shall surely be put to death, their blood is on them.

12 Ve'ish asher yishkav et-kalato mot yumtu shneihem tevel asu dmeihem bam
A man who will lie [conjugally] with his daughter-in-law; they both shall surely be put to death they have committed an act of perversion, their blood is on them.

13 Ve'ish asher yishkav et-zachar mishkevei ishah to'evah asu shneihem mot yumatu dmeihem bam
A man who will lie [conjugally] with [another] man, in the same manner as with a woman; they both have committed an abominable act, they shall surely be put to death, their blood is on them.

14 Ve'ish asher yikach et-ishah ve'et-imah zimah hi ba'esh yisrefu oto ve'ethen velo-tiheyeh zimah betochechem
A man who marries a woman and her mother; it is lewdness.  They shall be burned in fire, he and [one of] them [the second one taken], and there will no longer be such lewdness among you.

15 Ve'ish asher yiten shchoveto bivhemah mot yumat ve'et-habehemah taharogu
A man who lies [conjugally] with an animal shall surely be put to death, and you shall also kill the animal.

16 Ve'ishah asher tikrav el-kol-behemah leriv'ah otah veharagta et-ha'ishah ve'et-habehemah mot yumatu dmeihem bam
A woman who presents herself to an animal causing it to copulate with her; you shall kill the woman and the animal.  They shall surely be killed, their blood is on them.

17 Ve'ish asher yikach et-achoto bat-aviv o vat-imo vera'ah et-ervatah vehi-tir'eh et-ervato chesed hu venichretu le'einei benei amam ervat achoto gilah avono yisa
A man who marries his sister, either his father's daughter or his mother's daughter, and he sees her nakedness and she sees his nakedness; it is a shameful perversion.  They shall be cut off before their people he has uncovered the nakedness of his sister, he shall bear [the burden of] his iniquity.

18 Ve'ish asher-yishkav et-ishah davah vegilah et-ervatah et-mekorah he'erah vehi giletah et-mekor dameiha venichretu shneihem mikerev amam
A man who will lie [conjugally] with a menstruating woman and uncover her nakedness and uncover her source [womb] and she has uncovered the source of her blood; they shall both be cut off from among their people.

19 Ve'ervat achot imecha va'achot avicha lo tegaleh ki et-she'ero he'erah avonam yisa'u
The nakedness of your mother's sister and of your father's sister, you shall not uncover, for the nakedness of his close kin he will have bared they shall bear [the burden of] their iniquity.

20 Ve'ish asher yishkav et-dodato ervat dodo gilah chet'am yisa'u aririm yamutu
A man who will lie [conjugally] with his aunt has uncovered the nakedness of his uncle they will bear [the burden of] their sin and they will die without children.

21 Ve'ish asher yikach et-eshet achiv niddah hi ervat achiv gilah aririm yihyu
A man who will marry his brother's wife who must be [conjugally] avoided [by him]; he has uncovered his brother's nakedness, they shall die without children.


The Land and Immortality

22 Ushmartem et-kol-chukotai ve'et-kol-mishpatai va'asitem otam velo taki etchem ha'aretz asher ani mevi etchem shamah lashevet bah
You shall keep all My statutes and all My laws and do [observe] them [so that] you will not be expelled by the land to which I am bringing you there to reside therein.


23 Velo telchu bechukot hagoi asher-ani meshale'ach mipneichem ki et-kol-eleh asu va'akutz bam
You shall not follow the customs of the nation which I am expelling before you.  For they have done all these above mentioned sins and I became disgusted with them.

24 Va'omar lachem atem tirshu et-admatam va'ani etnenah lachem lareshet otah eretz zavat chalav udevash ani HASHEM Elokeichem asher-hivdalti etchem min-ha'amim
And I have said to you [that] you shall inherit the land, and I shall give it to you that you may inherit it, a land flowing with milk and honey, I am HASHEM, your G-d Who separated you from the [other] peoples.



Holiness and Kashrut

25 Vehivdaltem bein-habehemah hatehorah latme'ah uvein-ha'of hatame latahor velo-teshaktzu et-nafshoteichem babhemah uva'of uvechol asher tirmos ha'adamah asher-hivdalti lachem letame
You shall distinguish between a [ritually[ clean animal and a unclean one, between the unclean fowl and the clean one.  Do not make yourselves disgusting through the animals, fowl or through any creature that creeps on the ground which I have distinguished for you as being unclean.

26 Veheyitem li kedoshim ki kadosh ani HASHEM va'avdil etchem min-ha'amim liheyot li
You shall be holy to Me, for I, HASHEM, am holy and I have distinguished you from the [other] peoples to be Mine.

27 Ve'ish o-ishah ki-yiheyeh vahem ov o yid'oni mot yumatu ba'even yirgemu otam dmeihem bam
If among the men or women there will be a medium or an oracle they shall surely be put to death.  You shall stone them to death, their blood is on them."