Vayatek misham haharah - From there he moved to the mountain

He moved from the site where he had built the altar and came to Mount Moriya where he built another altar.  This was a sign that in the future the Jewish people would offer burnt-offerings and peace-offerings on that Mountain in the Holy Temple.  He prayed there i.e. "he called there in the Name of Hashem".  This too was a preview of the times when the Holy Temple would be called "a house of prayer for all nations" (Yeshayahu 56:7)


The choice of the word vayatek with the vowel segol under the letter tav instead of the vowel patach or at least the vowel segol under the letter ayin needs explaining.  The word is transitive and means that in his thoughts Avraham moved the mountain.  The "thoughts" are the highest emanation har which the mountain of Moriya represents.  A similar expression in connection with Moshe when the Torah writes, "Moshe ascended the mountain" (Shemot 24:15)  This is also what is meant when the Torah says in Shemot 19:3, "Moshe ascended to G-d."  This "move" of Avraham away form Beit-El near there is not to be interpreted as an attempt by Avraham to separate from Beit-El spiritually or to re-evaluate anything in his philosophy, chas veshalom! (G-d forbid!), but to "unify" the concept of Moriya with other basic concepts of Judaism.  His ascent to the emanation har is a logical continuation of his return to his spiritual origin which was  mikedem i.e. from a philosophical concept recognizing that G-d is the prime Cause of all things.  This is why the word mikedem follows the word haharah in our verse.  Immediately afterwards, the Torah writes leVeit-El (to Beit-El).  In that instance "Beit-El" symbolises the emanantion chochmah. The word or letter "beit" in the expression "Beit-El" is a reference to the letter bet with which Sefer Bereishit (the Torah) commences.  G-d recognized Moshe's philosophical and theological development when He praised him by saying, "he is thoroughly at home in all aspects of 'My letter Bet' and what it stands for." (BaMidbar 12:7)  This is also what the prophet Micha had in mind when he said, "go, let us ascend to the "Bet" of the G-d of Yaakov" (Micha 4:2), this is in reference to Moriya, the concept of the highest emanation which is termed Har Hashem.