yaldah-li ishti - my wife bore for me

The Torah should really have written "Rachel bore for me."  However, the point Yehudah made was that he too was aware that Yaakov had considered only Rachel his true wife, seeing that he had served Lavan for Rachel and not for Leah.  His marrying Leah had been a totally unwilling act on his part.  Yaakov's true wife had borne him only two children one of whom had disappeared.  His love for these two was therefore exceptional.  If you will search the Scriptures you will find that Rachel's name always precedes that of Leah though Leah was the older of the two.  Even in Sefer Rut, where the townsfolk of Beit-Lechem congratulate Boaz on taking Rut as a wife, they phrase their blessing in these words, "may she become like Rachel and Leah who built up the house of Yisrael."  There are numerous other verses in all of which Rachel is mentioned before her older sister.