ruach Elokim - spirit/wind of G-d


When the Torah speaks of ruach Elokim we would have expected v'ruach ha'Elokim, i.e. "the spirit/wind of G-d." The reason the Torah chose to omit the Hebrew letter heh, thereby apparently identifying wind as something divine, is because of all matters in the physical universe wind is the closest to the invisible abstract force called G-d. Even though in some respects fire is even more insubstantial than the wind, the Torah did not want to associate this word with G-d seeing that we described fire as a product of, or rather synonymous with, darkness.


"and the spirit [wind] of G-d hovered above the surface of the water" This is reference to the Torah which even at a time of the withdrawal of G-d's Presence (Shekinah), would never be totally forgotten by His people even when they are in exile.