Hebrew Baruch HaShem - Blessed is the Name of G-d

Headcoverings by Devorah - Mitpachat Tichel Israeli ScarvesHeadcoverings by Devorah
Head Coverings for Religious Purposes, Tzniut - Modesty or Hair Loss

Where Modesty Does Not Mean Frumpy!


Custom Made Headcoverings - Scarves, Kerchiefs, Snoods, Veils Mantillas, Shawls, Hair Wraps, Kippot, Hats, Modest Clothing & Judaic Art

Hebrew Bible Names of the Bible

Books of the Tanach

Hebrew Book English Meaning
Bereishit (Index | Sefer | Parashiyot| Studies) Genesis In the Beginning
Shemot (Index |Sefer|Parashiyot) Exodus Names
Vayikra (Index |Sefer| Parashiyot) Leviticus And He Called
Bamidbar (Index | Sefer) Numbers In the Wilderness
Devarim (Index |Parashiyot) Deuteronomy Words
Yehoshua (Index) Joshua G-d is Salvation
Shoftim Judges Judges
Rut (Studies) Ruth Friendship
Shmuel Sameul His Name is G-d
Melachim (Studies) Kings Kings
Divrei HaYamim Chronicles Words of the Days
Ezra Ezra Help
Nechemya Nehemiah Comfort of G-d
Ester / Hadassah (Studies) Esther / Myrtle Star / Myrtle Tree
Iyov Job Hated, Oppressed
Tehillim (Sefer| Prayer | Tikkun HaKlali) Psalms Praises
Mishlei Proverbs Wisdom
Kohelet Ecclesiastes Maggid/Preacher, Speaker, Collector of Sentences
Shir HaShirim Songs of Songs Song of Songs
Yeshayahu (Studies) Isaiah G-d is Salvation
Yirmeyahu Jeremiah G-d Will Raise Up
Eicha Lamentations Alas!
Yechezkel Ezekiel G-d Will Strengthen
Dani'el (Studies) Daniel G-d is My Judge
Hoshea Hosea Salvation
Yoel Joel G-d is Willing, HaShem is G-d
'Amos Amos To be Burdened, Troubled
'Ovadya Obadiah Servant of G-d
Yonah (Studies) Jonah Dove
Micha Micah Who is Like G-d?
Nachum Nahum Comfort
Chavakkuk Habakkuk To Wrestle, To Embrace
Tzefanya Zephaniah Hidden by G-d
Chaggai Haggai My Feast, Festive
Zecharya Zechariah Memory, Remembrance of HaShem
Malachi Malachi My Messenger, My Minister, My Servant

*This is a work in progress. Eventually, each book can be clicked on for further information concerning that book.
Only those that are finished or in the process of being finished will be available for viewing.

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