Across The River

CD Title: Across The River
Artist: Sam Glaser


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Come with me across the river
Far across the great divide
Come with me across the river
to the other side

Pack up your things and go
To a land that I will show you
For no other reason than to join
me on this journey
into the great unknown
Where mysteries await you
You've got too much to give
To live your life alone

Open your heart and soul
And watch the magic happen
There's not a single thing your
dreams cannot deliver
I am the pot of gold
That lies beyond your rainbow
I may be far away
Or right under your nose
It's up to you

Lech l'cha myeartzecha, lech l'cha mimoladetcha
Lech l'cha mibet avicha el ha'aretz asher arecha

"Go for yourself from your land, from your relatives,
and from your father's house to a land that I will show you" (Bereishit 12:1)