Al Kanaf Ha'ahavah

CD Title: Direction of the Way
Artist: Avihu Medina


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Ayef begufi ayef beruchi
Ve'ech e'emod bamasa od aruka haderech
Ve'ech na'avor et ha'ar et habor
Ulai nevater venachzor leachor
Ech tuchal levater ech tuchal lachazor
Vechol ma sheamarta lintosh meachor
Bo nashuv na'apil al haderech nishmor
Ki meat od notar ad yaftzia haor
Tired in my body and soul, how will I survive the journey, the long way,
How will we cross the mountain, the pit, may be we should give up and go back.
How can you give up and go back?
Take back every thing you said?
Let's climb up, preserve the path, not long to go until we see the light.

Lo lo lo nashuv lo nevater
Yad beyad neametz venamshich lalechet
Har uvor beyachad na'avor
Ninase al knaf ha'ahava
No we will not go back, we will not give up,
hand in hand we will embrace and keep on going
Mountain and pit we will cross, we will be carried on the wing of love

Ulai hu ani ulai ish acher
Isa al ktifav hamasa
Yamshich hu et haderech
Veulai lo kaet ulai bizman acher
Veulai hachazon hu chalom lo yoter
May be it is me or another man, that will carry the road on his shoulders, will keep on going
May be not now may be some other time, may be the vision is only a dream?

Lo chalom lo chazon
Lo tuchal kach lomar
Gam ata gam ani na'avor et hamachar
Hen ata lo levad veani kan itcha
Leolam kan itcha leolam letzidcha
No it is not a dream not a vision, we both will walk through tomorrow,
You are not alone I am here with you, I will be by your side forever