Ayelet Chen




Oh, Star of the Morning In exile,

You will be my guiding light

And at night

Holding me close to Your bosom

You bid me drink of Your wine

Mingling nectars

Drink, dear grooms!

Pleasure in your drunkeness

And rouse your senses

In the palace of the honorable Daughter of Angels

The table is always set for the many

Cruel fate separated friends and lovers

But my Beloved draws me by Her love

Uniting beauty and grace

Shall I be remembered

Although foreboding clouds may line the sky

My love will fill my desire

When passing through the fifty fixed gates of wisdom

Discerning Leah will push me onward

And with the love of Rachel for her sons I will not sway

By Your sovereign secrets I will reach the tenth sphere

Oh Almighty

Hurry with the salvation

For Your nation

Wrapped in the tranquility of inner peace

Our throats are raw

For we are the Children of Yaakov

The Treasures of Avraham



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