CD Title: Soldier of Love
Artist: Eyal Golan


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Pnei ktifa sheraiti
O chut tmimut shel purkan neurim
Ach laga'at ratziti
Velo hayu bach chayim
Shmech chakuk al ha'even
Rak ahava nishara li balev
At achshav began eden
Veli nishar hake'ev
Was it a velvet face that I saw
or an innocent thread of youth relief
I just wanted to touch you
but there was no life in you
Your name is engraved in stone
and I have only love left in my heart
You are in heaven
and I am left with the pain


Amart shehageshem yishtof tadma'ot
Aval hageshem hifsik vehadma'ot mamshichot
Hen zolgot el hakever hacham
Yordot bechol ha'olam
You said that the rain would wash away the tears
But the rain has stopped and the tears keep on streaming down into the warm grave
streaming all over the world


Milvadech lo hayta li
Af na'ara lo ahavti lifnei
Emunim lach shamarti
Ve'eshmor lach gam acharei
Pnei ktifa bashamayim
Li mechayechet miben ananim
At otzemet enayim
Umitkasa lach betachrichim
I didn't love any girl before you
I was faithful and I will keep on being faithful
Velvet face in the sky
you smile at me from between the clouds
You close your eyes and wrap your self in shrouds