D'ror Yikra

CD Title: Taste Of Eternity
Artist: Western Wind


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D'ror Yikra l'ven im bat
V'yintsorchem k'mo vavat
N'im shimchem v'lo yushbat
Sh'vu nuchu b'yom Shabbat
He will proclaim liberty for one and all
And guard you like the apple of His eye
Your reputation will be pleasing, and never end
Be at ease and rest on the Shabbat day


D'rosh navi v'ulami
V'ot yesha ase imi
N'ta sorek b'toch karmi
Sh'e shav'at b'ne ami
Seek My habitation and My hall (the Temple)
And show me a sign of Your salvation
Plant Your choicest vien in my vineyard
Heed the outcry of my people


D'roch pura b'toch botzra
V'gam bavel asher gavra
N'totz tzarai b'af evra
Shema koli b'yom ekra
Tread the winepress in Botzra
And also vanquish Babylon, which has prevailed
Destory my enemies in Your wrath and anger
Hear my voice when I cry out


Elokim ten bamidbar har
Hadas shita b'rosh tidhar
V'lamazhir v'lanizhar
Sh'lomim ten k'me nahar
G-d, grant on the barren mountain
Myrtle, acacia, cypress, and box trees
And to the instructive, and to the attentive
Grant well-being, flowing like a river's waters


Hadoch kamai el kana
B'mog levav uvim'gina
V'narchiv pe un'malena
L'shonenu l'cha rina
Banish my enemies, jealous G-d
With their trembling, grieving hearts
Then we shall open our mouths, and fill them
With joyous songs to You


D'e chochma l'nafshecha
V'hi cheter l'roshecha
N'tzor mitzvat k'doshecha
Sh'mor Shabbat kodshecha
Possess wisdom, for your soul's sake
And it will be a crown upon your head
Observe the commandments of your Holy One
And keep your holy Shabbat