Noladety La Shalom

CD Title: Golden Anniversary to Israel
Artist: David and the High Spirit



Ani noladeti el hamanginot ve'el hashirim
Shel kol hamedinot
Noladeti lalashon
Vegam lamakom
Lame'at lehamon
Sheyoshit yad leshalom
I was born for the sake of melodies and songs
Of all the world
I was born for the sake of language
And for this place
For the few and for the many
Who would stretch out a hand for peace


Ani noladeti lashalom sherak yagi'a
Ani noladti lashalom sherak yavo
Ani noladti lashalom sherak yofi'a
Ani rotze ani rotza lihyot kvar bo
I was born for the peace and that will arrive
I was born for the peace that will come
I was born for the peace which will appear
I only want I only want to be a part of peace


Noladti le'uma
Vela shanim alpay'im
Shmura laadama
Vela chelkat shamayim
Vehi ro'a tzofa
Hine ole hayom
Vehash'a yafa
Zohy sh'at shalom
I was born to a nation
Two thousand years old
A land reserved for her
Reserved in heaven too
The nation looks up toward heaven
Here comes the day
And a perfect hour
The hour of peace