Uf Gozal

CD Title: Collection
Artist: Arik Einstein


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Hagozalim sheli azvu et haken
Parsu knafayim ve'afu
Va'ani tzipor zkena nisharti baken
Mekave me'od shehakol yihe beseder
Tamid yadati sheyavo hayom
Shebo tzarich lehipared
Aval achsahv ze ba li kacha pit'om
Az ma hapele she'ani ktzat do'eg
My chicks left the nest
Spread their wings and flew away
I am an old bird left in the nest
I hope that all will be well
I always knew the day will come
To say good bye
But now when it is here
No wonder I am worried

Uf gozal chatoch et hashamyim
Tus le'an sheba lecha
Rak al tishkach yesh nesher bashamayim
Gur lecha
Fly away chick cut the sky
Fly where ever you want to
Just don't forget there is an eagle in the sky
Be aware

Achshav nisharnu levadenu baken
Aval anachnu beyachad
Chabki oti chazak tagidi li ken
Al tid'agi beyachad kef lehizdaken
Now it is only us in the nest
But we are together
Hug me tight say yes
Don't worry it is fun getting old together

Ani yode'a shekacha ze bateva
Vegam ani azavti ken
Aval achshav ksheba harega az machnik ktzat bagron
Machnik ktzat bagron
I know it is the way of nature
I left a nest as well
But now when the time comes
I feel a lump in my throat