Y'did Nefesh

CD Title: Lullabies & Love Songs
Artist: Tanja Solnik



Y'did nefesh av harachaman
M'shoch avdach el r'tzonach
Yarutz avdach k'mo ayal
Yishtachave mul hadarach
Ki ye'rav lo y'didutach
Minofet tzuf v'chol ta'am
Beloved of my soul, merciful Father
Draw Your servant to Your will
Your servant will leap like a gazelle
Will bow before Your glory
Because Your grace is sweeter
Than the sweetest of honey and the choicest of flavors

hadur na'e ziv ha'olam
Nafshi cholat ahavatach
Ana El na r'fa na la
B'har'ot la no'am zivach
Az titchazek v'titrape
V'haita la shifchat olam
Magnificent, splended, glory of the world
My soul aches for Your love
Please, gracious G-d, heal my soul
By showing it the tenderness of Your glory
My soul then will be strengthened and healed
And it will be your eternal servant

Vatik yehmu rachamecha
V'chus na al ben ohavach
Ki ze kame nichsof nichsaf
Lir'ot bitif'eret uzach
Ana Eli machmad libi
Chusha na v'al tit'alam
Eternal, let Your mercy be aroused
And please have compassion on the descendents of those who loved You
Because this is what we have yearned and struggled for
To see the beauty of Your strength
Please, my G-d, my heart's desire
Hasten, and do not forsake me

Higale na uf'ros chaviv
Alai et sukat shlomach
Ta'ir eretz mik'vodach
Nagila v'nism'cha bach
Maher ahuv ki va mo'ed
V'choneni kime olam
Reveal, and tenderly spread over me
The shelter of Your peace
The earth will be illuminated with Your glory
We will rejoice and celebrate in You
Hurry, my beloved, because the appointed time approaches
And have mercy on me forever