CD Title: Friday Night Live
Artist: Craig Taubman



Yigdal Elokim chai vehishtabach
nimtza ve'ein et el metziuto
Exalted be the Living G-d and praised
He exists - unbound by time in His existence

Echad ve-ein yachid keyichudo
nelam vegam ein sof leachduto
He is One - and there is no unity like His Oneness
Inscrutable and infinite is His Oneness

Ein lo demut haguf ve-eino guf
lo na-a-roch elav kedushato
He has no semblance of a body nor is He corporeal
Nor has His holiness any comparison

Kadmon lechol davar asher nivra
Rishon ve-ein reishit lereishito
He preceded every being that was created
The First, and nothing precedes His recedence

Hino adon olam, lechol notzar
Yoreh gedulato umalchuto
Behold! He is Master of the universe to every creature
He demonstrates His greatness and His sovereignty

Shefa nevuato netano
el aneshel segulato vetifarto
He granted His flow of prophecy
To His treasured splendrous people

Lo kam beYisrael keMoshe od
Navi umabit et lemunato
In Yisrael none like Moshe arose again
A prophet who perceived His vision of truth

Torat emet natan leamo El
Al yad nevio ne-eman beito
G-d gave His people a Torah of truth
By means of His prophet, the most trusted of His household

Lo yachalif haEl, velo yamir
Dato, leolamim lezulato
G-d will never amend nor exchange His law
For any other one, for all eternity

Tzofeh veyodeya setareinu
Mabit lesof davar bekadmato
he scrutinizes and knows our hiddenmost secrets
He perceives a matter's outcome at its inception

Gomeil le-ish chesed kemifalo
Notein lerasha ra kerishato
He recompenses man with kindness according to his deed
He places evil on their wicked according to this wickedness

Yishlach lekeitz yamin pedut olam
Kol chai veyeish yakir yeshuato
By the End of Days he will send Mashiach
To redeem those longing for His final salvation

Chayei olam nata betocheinu
Baruch adei ad shem tehilato
G-d will revive the dead in His abundant kindness
Blessed forever is His praised Name


CD Title: With Every Breath
Artist: Bnai Jeshurun