Kalev, son of Yefunneh

Kalev was the stepson of Kenaz (Sotah 11b)

Miryam was married to Kalev (Sifri Baha'alotcha 78)

Kotz (1Divre HaYamim 4:8).  That was Kalev, who cut down (kotz) the conspiracy of the Spies (Shemot Rabbah 1:17)

Ashchur (1Divre HaYamim 4:8) is Kalev.  Why was he called Ashhur?  Because his face became black (shachor) from fasting.  [He was also called Avi (ibid.) because he was like a father to [his wife] Miryam [by caring for her in her illness] (Rashi); and Tekoa (ibid.) because he fastened (taka) his heart on his Father in Heaven [to prevent being ensnared by the counsel of the Spies] (Sotah 12a).

These were her sons; Yesher, Shovav, and Ardon (1Divre HaYamim 2:28).  Read [homiletically] not baneyha, her sons, but boneyha, her builder [i.e., her husband.  He was called] Yesher, for he kept himself straight (yashar); Shovav, for he trained (shivev) his evil inclination; and Ardon for he subjugated his inclination (Sotah 12a).

Mered (1Divre HaYamim 4:18) is Kalev.  Why was he called Mered?  Because he rebelled (marad) against the counsel of the Spies (Sanh. 19b)

These are the sons of Bitiah the daughter of Pharaoh whom Mered married (1Divre HaYamim 4:18).  Said the Holy One, Barukh Hu, "Let Kalev, who rebelled (marad) against the counsel of the Spies, come and marry Pharaoh's daughter, who rebelled against the idols of her father's house"  (Megillah 13a).

According to the opinion that Kalev son of Yefunneh is identical with Kalev son of Chetzron, Kalev begot [a child] at age ten (Yerushalmi Yevamot 10:7)

When he crossed the Yarden, he was 72 (Zevachim 118b).

Kalev did not call himself a servant [of G-d], but the Holy One, Barukh Hu, called him one (Sifri Va'eschanan 27).

Yehoshua and Kalev are equal to each other (Bereyshit Rabbah 1:15).

Who was Yehoshua's turgeman [one who repeats and explains the speaker's words to the public]?  Kalev son of Yefunneh (Beyt HaMidrash 1:122).

He came until Chevron (BaMidbar 13:22).  Kalev separated from the conspiracy of the Spies, prostrated himself on the tombs of the Patriarchs, and said, "My forefathers, pray that I be saved from the conspiracy of the Spies" (Sotah 34b).