Kol Yisra'el arevim zeh lazeh - Responsiblity for other Jews

There are several traditions that members of the Jewish people have in common, and one is the acknowledgement that they are members of one people, and are therefore responsible for one another. Kol Yisra'el arevim zeh lazeh. It was that sense of responsiblity for other Jews that enabled the Jewish people to rebuild the Jewish State after 2,000 years of Diaspora. That sense of responsibility to other Jews reflects the one-ness of the Jewish people ... Am Yisrael am echad ... the Jewish nation is one nation ... a nation that, because it was scattered around the globe for so long, developed into a nation of many colors, many customs and several uniquely Jewish common languages ... but one classical language which they carefully preserved and re-established as the common language in their re-established Jewish state.
Some Rishonim associate "yatza, motzi" with the concept of "kol Yisra'el `arevim zeh lazeh" (loosely - all Jews are responsible for each other); they say that yatza motzi because a person has not really completely fulfilled his obligation as long as there is still a Jew in the world who has not performed the mitzvah, so he too is still chayyav.