Magen David in Creation

On the first day of creation, G-d separates the light from the darkness. On the second day, G-d separates the waters below from the waters above. On the third day G-d separated the dry land from the waters. On the fourth day, G-d went back to finish the work of the first day. G-d made the sun, moon and stars for the day and the night. On the fifth day, G-d finished the work which had been started on the second day. G-d made the fishes for the waters below, and the birds for the waters up above. On the sixth day, G-d finished off the third day, making animals and humans to inhabit the dry land. Day one is connected to day four, and day two to day five, and day three to day six, and in the middle you have Shabbat. A shield of David. Six points, six days of creation, one over against the other, and in the middle Shabbat (Rabbi Mitchell Chefitz of the Havurah of South Florida).