Names of Women in Torah

Hebrew names each have their own specific meaning

Adah Adorned; beautiful Wife of Lemech and of Esav Bereishit 4:19; 36:2
Basmat Perfumed; sweet odor Wife of Esav Bereishit 26:34
Bilhah Weak; troubled; old Maidservant of Yaakov's wife Rachel Bereishit 30:3
Devorah To speak kind words; bee Nurse of Rivkah Bereishit 35:8
Dinah Judgment  Daughter of Yaakov & Leah Bereishit 30:21
Elisheva G-d is my oath Wife of Aharon Shemot 6:23
Hagar Wanderer Concubine of Avraham, mother of Yishmael Bereishit 16:1
Keturah Burned; perfumed Avraham's wife Bereishit 25:1
Kozbi Lie; falsehood  A Midyani woman Bamidbar 25:15
Chaglah Hop; hobble One of the 5 daugthers of Tzelofchad Bamidbar 26:33
Chavah Life The first woman, wife of Adam Bereishit 3:20
Leah To be weary Daughter of Lavan, first wife of Yaakov's 4 wives Bereishit 29:16
Machalat Plague One of Esav's wives, daughter of Yishmael Bereishit 28:9
Machlah Affliction One of the 5 daughters of Tzelofchad Bamidbar 26:33
Matred To pursue; to continue uninterrupted Mother-in-law of Hadar Bereishit 36:39
Milkah Divine; queen Wife of Nachor, Avraham's brother Bereishit 11:29
Miriam Sea of bitterness; sorrow Sister of Moshe & Aharon Shemot 15:20
Noah (Noa) Tremble; shake One of the five daugthers of Tzelofchad Bamidbar 26:33
Ohalivamah Tent of the high place Wife of Esav Bereishit 36:2
Osnat Unvortunate Wife of Yosef, mother of Efrayim & Menashshe Bereishit 41:45
Puah To coo A Hebrew midwife Shemot 1:15
Rachel Female sheep Wife of Yaakov, sister of Leah Bereishit 29:16
Reumah Antelope Concubine of Nachor, Avraham's brother Bereishit 22:24
Rivkah To tie; to bind Wife of Yitzchak Bereishit 24:15
Sarah Princess First of the Matriarchs, Avraham's wife Bereishit 17:15
Sarai My princess (original form of Sarah) Avraham's wife Bereishit 11:29
Serach To be unrestrained; to be free; excess Daughter of Asher Bereishit 46:17
Shifrah Good; beautiful A Hebrew midwife Shemot 1:15
Shelomit Peaceful Daughter of Divri of the Tribe of Dan Vayikra 24:11
Tamar Palm tree; upright; righteous Wife of Yehudah Bereishit 38:6
Tirtzah Willing; pleasing One of the 5 daughters of Tzelofchad Bamidbar 26:33
Tzipporah Bird Wife of Moshe Shemot 2:21
Yehudit Praise Wife of Esav Bereishit 26:31
Yiskah Anointed Daughter of Charan, Avraham's brother Bereishit 11:29
Yocheved G-d's honor Wife of Amram, mother of Moshe, Aharon and Miriam Shemot 6:20
Zilpah To trickle; youthful Maidservant of Yaakov's wife, Leah Bereishit 29:24