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~ Blessings & Prayers ~             

(Weekday - Shacharit)               


Keep in mind, as you go through these prayers,             
that Jewish Law requires the worshiper to be
that it is G-d [Hashem] who is being addressed,          
to "know before Whom you are standing"                    

(Berachot 28b)


Upon Arising

Modeh Ani - I Gratefully Thank You
Al Netilat Yadayim - Washing Of The Hands
Donning the Tzitzit
Donning the Tallit
Donning of Tefillin

Birchot HaShachar

Morning Blessings

Mah Tovu - How Goodly Are Your Tents (upon entering the synagogue)
Adon Olam - Master Of The Universe
Yigdal - May He Be Exalted
Birchot HaTorah - Blessings Of The Torah
Torah Study Passages
Elokei Neshamah - Restoring Man's Soul
The Fifteen Blessings
The Akeidah - The Binding

L'Olam Yehei Adam
Order of Sacrifices

Pesukei d'Zimrah

Verses of Praise - Introductory Prayers

Baruch She'amar - Opening Blessing
Hodu - Give Thanks
Ashrei - Praiseworthy
Yishtabah - Closing Blessing

Kriat Shema'

Blessings Of The Reading Of The Shema'

Birkat Yotzer - Blessing The Creator
Kedushah D'Yeshivah - Prayer of Sanctification [sitting]
Ahavah Rabbah - Blessing Of Great Love

The Shema'

Declaration Of Faith


V'ahavta - You Shall Love
V'hayah - It Shall Be
Vayomer - Hashem Spoke

Blessings After The Shema'

Birkat Geulah - Blessing Of Redemption [morning]

Shemoneh Esrei - Amidah

The Eighteen Blessings - Standing Prayer

Praise Of Hashem

Avot - Fathers
Gevurot - Powers Of Hashem
Kedushat Hashem - Holiness Of Hashem

Petitioning Hashem

Binah - Knowledge
Teshuvah - Repentance
Selihah - Forgiveness
Geulah - Redemption/Security
Refuah - Health
Birkat HaShanim - Economic Prosperity
Kibbutz Galuyot - Ingathering Of The Dispersed
Birkat Hamishpat - Restoration Of Justice
Birkat Haminim - Destruction Of Yisrael's Enemies
Birkat HaTzadikim - Prayer For The Righteous
Birkat Yerushalayim - Restoration Of Jerusalem
Birkat David - Coming Of The Mashiach
Tefillah - Hear Our Prayer

Thanking Hashem

Avodah - Worship
Birkat Hoda'ah - Thanksgiving
Birkat Shalom - Peace



Vayomer David - And David Said
Tehillim 6:2-11
Shomer Yisrael - Guardian Of Yisrael
Va'anachnu - We Know [not what to do]

Kriat HaTorah

The Reading Of The Torah

(Torah is read on Mondays, Thursdays, Shabbat, Yom Tov, Rosh Chodesh, Chanukkah, and other special days.)

Introductory Verses
Blessing For Removal Of Torah From Ark
Brich Shemei - Blessed Is The Name
Gadlu la'Hashem - Exalt Hashem

The Torah Blessings

Blessing Before Parasha
Blessing After Parasha
Raising Of The Torah

The Haftarah Blessings

Blessing Before Haftarah
Four Blessings After Haftarah
Mi She'beirach - Prayer For a Sick Person
Returning Torah To Ark

Shacharit Conclusion

Ashrei - Tehillim 145
Lamnatzeach - Tehillim 20
U'va L'Tziyon - And To Tziyon [a redeemer shall come]
Aleinu - Our Duty

Shir Shel Yom

The Song of The Day


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