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Naanuim The waving of the four species on Sukkot
Naga To Touch To lay the hand upon; strike; draw near; touch. A word that the Kohen Gadol would have used on his way to sprinkle atoning blood on the Mizbeach
Nacham To sigh, breath strongly; to pity, console, comfort or ease
Nachash Serpent; Snake Stems from the root that means "shining whisperer," "shining enchanter." In Shemot 7:9-15 the nachash is parallel to the tanin, the sea creature of Bereishit 1:21 and also related to the Livyatan of Yeshayahu 27:1.

Nachash is the "shining enchanter" that misled Adam and Chavah in Gan Eden

Nachem A prayer for consolation
Nashim Women Third order of the Mishnah, consisting of seven tractates dealing with marriage, divorce, and the laws of vows and Nazirim. The tractrate include: Yevamot (sisters-in-law), Ketubot (marriage deeds), Nedarim (vows), Nazir (Nazirite), Sotah (woman suspected of adultery), Gittin (divorce), and Kiddushin (betrothals)
Nasi Prince; President; Exalted One A king, governor, prince, or president or administrator of the Sanhedrin or synagogue, serving in tandem with the Av Bet Din
Navi (pl. Neviim) Prophet Neviim became a designation for section of the Tanach encompassing the books of the prophets
Nazir Nazirite Fourth tractate in the Mishnah order of Nashim, dealing with the laws concerning Nazirite vows (BaMidbar 6:1-21); Member of an ascetic sect within Judaism who took vows of abstinence from alcohol, did not cut their hair, and were not permitted to come into contact with the dead. Their vows could last anywhere from a brief time to an entire life. Shimshon (Samson) is the most famous Nazir
Nedarim Third tractate in the Mishnah order Nashim, dealing with regulations concerning vows
Nefesh Soul The lowest of the five levels of the soul according to Kabbalah
Nefesh Chayah Living being
Negaim Plagues of Leprosy Third tractate in the Mishnah order of Tohorot, dealing with the laws concerning various types of leprosy
Negel Vasser (Yiddish) Nail Water Referring to the ritual hand washing first thing in the morning
Neilah (al. Nei'ilah) Closing; Closing of the gate; Locking Concluding service of Yom Kippur. The period during the concluding service of Yom Kippur during the period of the Temple when the Nikanor gates of the Temple were closed.

Also at this time a shofar (trumpet) blast was sounded known as the Shofar HaGadol (The Great Shofar). Yeshayahu/Isa. 27:13 is also read, when the Gates of Heaven are closed (hence the Hebrew name)

Nekudah Point Kabbalistic referent for an undeveloped and instable element of reality
Ner (pl. Nerot) Lamp; Candle
Ner Mitzvah Provides reference to the primary halachic works that treat the subject matter of the Gemara. The Ner Mitzvah, alternately called Ein Mishpat Ner Mitzvah, usually refers to the halachic works of the Mishnah Torah, Sefer Mitzvot Gadol, and the Shulchan Aruch
Ner Talmid Eternal Light The eternal light in the synagogue, in front of the Aron HaKodesh, which reminds us of the omnipresence of G-d
Nes (al. Nesim) Miracle; Banner
Nesech The libation of wine over the altar in the Temple, accompanying the sacrifices
Neshamah Level of Soul The third of the five levels of the soul and associated with the vitality of intelligence
Neshamah Yetarah An extra soul acquired on Shabbat; according to the Rabbis, its strength allows the individual to experience a taste of redemption and gain endurance for the difficulties to be encouraged in the week to come
Netzach Victory The fourth of the emotive attributes within Creation
Nevelah A Carcass A dead animal that was neither slain by another animal as prey nor killed by a ritual slaughterer. May not be eaten by an observant Jew. One who touches it contracts ritual impurity
Neviim Prophets Second section of the Tanach
Nevi Sheker False Prophet
Nezikin Damages Fourth order of the Mishnah, divided into Bava Kamma, Bava Metzia, and Bava Batra. It deals with money matters and all damages that are decided by the courts. It also contains a tractate containing ethical teachings (Avot)
Nichum Avelim The comforting of mourners
Niddah She Who is Separated; Menstruous Woman A state of ritual impurity of the Jewish woman, as a result of the discharge of blood, usually a result of the menstrual period; Seventh tractate in the Mishnah order of Tohorot, dealing with ritual impurity as a result of menstruation and childbirth (VaYikra 12:1-5)
Nikanor gate One of the seven gates in the large hall of the Temple compound
Nirtzah Acceptance Closing prayer, last phase of the Pesach Seder ceremony
Nisan The first month of the Hebrew Religious calendar; 7th on the Hebrew Civil calendar
N"E (Nishmato b'Eden [masc.]; Nishmata b'Eden [Fem.]) His/Her soul should be in Eden/Paradise
Nisim b'Chol Yom Morning prayers that thank G-d for ability to distinguish day from night, the strength to rise in the morning, for clothing, freedom, the earth itself, and the people Yisrael
Nisuin Elevation The marriage ceremony part of a wedding, in contradistinction to the engagement; The second part of the two-part Jewish marriage process, after which the bride and groom begin to live together as husband and wife
Nisuch HaMayim The Libation of Water Performed during Chag Sukkot in the Beit HaMikdash
Nisyanot Tests  
Noach Noah Comfort
Nochrim Foreigners; Non-Jews  
Nosh (Yiddish) Snack Food
Nu? This is an exclamation used in the same sense as "well" "eh" and "hey"
Nun - N The fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet