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Ohalot Tents Second tractate in the Mishnah order of Tororot, dealing with ritual impurity as a result of contact with a corpse (BaMidbar 19:13-20)
Ohel Moed Tent of Meeting
Ofanim (singular "Ofan") Wheels The spiritual forces envisioned by Yechezkel as the wheels of the Divine chariot
Olah That Which Goes Up Burnt offering during the times of the Beit HaMikdash. Also one that immigrants to Yisrael is called an olah
Olam HaBa (al. Olam Habah_ The World To Come; The World Beyond; Heaven; Paradise Rabbi Isaac Abravanel (1437-1508), in his commentary on 1Shmuel 25:29, notes that the reward of the souls in the olam habah is their ability to attain the true concept of G-d, which is a source of the most wonderful felicity, an attainment impossible for man in this earthly live because of the disturbances on the part of matter.

"In the future world there is no eating, drinking, propagation, business, jealousy, hatred or competition, but the tzaddikim sit, with their crowns on their heads, enjoying the brilliance of the Shechinah (Divine Presence) (Berachot 17a).

"In the hereafter, G-d will prepare a banquet for the tzaddikim, and there will be no need of balsam or choice spices, for the north and south breezes will waft all the perfumes of Gan Eden or Paradise" (Bamidbar Rabbah 13:2).

"In the world-to-come there is no death, sin, affliction, but everyone delights in wisdom and understanding" (Seder Eliyahu Rabbah)

Olam HaMalbush World of The Garment A figurative idiom used by several disciples of the Arizal, to refer to the Divine "super plan" for all Creation before the tzimtzum of G-d's infinite light. In the Zohar this level is alluded to in the phrase: "He engraved an engravement in the higher brilliance"
Olam HaZeh The Present World The time between Adam's fall and the coming of Mashiach. According to the Sages the Olam Hazeh will endure for 6000 years from the time of the impartation of the neshamah to Adam in Gan Eden
Olamot Worlds The four primary realms of Creation that emerge out of G-d's infinite light and culminate in our finite physical universe
'Omer Sheaf A dry measure spoken of in Torah of the barley that was brought as an offering on the second day of Pesach--Nisan 16--after which then the grain of the new harvest was permitted to be eaten; The 49 day period of counting from the time of this offering until the Festival of Shavuot, the 50th day. A state of mourning exists where certain observances are maintained, such as the refraining of the cutting of hair. Weddings are prohibited during this period, except on Lag B'omer. The days are counted on an omer calendar
Onaat Devarim Hurting another Jew's feelings..."Each of you shall not aggrieve his fellow, and you shall fear your G-d; for I am Hashem, your G-d." (VaYikra 25:17)

A wrong inflicted by means of words is regarded as worse than a wrong inflicted in financial dealings

Oneg Shabbat Sabbath Joy; Sabbath Delight Refers to the enjoyment of the Shabbat on Friday evening; a reception-like affair in modern synagogues with sweets and coffee, and perhaps a lecture or program
Onkelos An Aramaic paraphrase of the Torah. Onkelos was a proselyte to Judaism who translated the Chumash into Greek because the Septuagint was not widely accepted. His Greek translation later became the basis for a further Aramaic paraphrase, a work performed by others
Or Light Commonly used metaphor for the Divine energy that generates and sustains the universe
Or Chozer Returning Light A reverberation of spiritual energy emanating from Creation in the direction of the Creator
Orlah Uncircumcised Fruit Tenth tractate in the Mishnah order of Zeraim, dealing with the law forbidding the use of the fruit of trees or vineyards for the first three years after planting
Or Yasher Straight Light Divine energy emanating from G-d in the direction of His creation
Ot (pl. Otot) Sign Commandments which are a visible sign of the binding relationship between G-d and His people Yisrael
Otot HaMashiach Signs of the Mashiach Things the Mashiach will do as well as events that will precede
OU Orthodox Union The largest group of Modern Orthodox congregations in the United States, also the largest kosher certifying body in the world (their hechsher is a capital U inside an O)