Oral Torah - Various Comments

Hashem then said to Moshe, "Ascend to Me to the mountain and remain there, and I shall give you the Stone Tablets and the Torah and the Commandment that I have written, to teach them."

The 'Stone Tablets' refers to the Ten Commandments.  The 'Torah' refers to the Five Books of Moshe (the Written Torah).  The 'Commandment'  refers to the Mishnah (the essence of the Oral Law).  The phrase 'in order to teach them' refers to the Gemara - the explanations of the Mishnah. The Hebrew word lehorotam (to teach them), refers specifically to the Oral Torah which expounds the teachings contained in the Written Law.  This word is written without the second vav, thus relating it to the root word harah (to bear a child - as in 1Divrei HaYamim 4:17).  It is concluded that the Written Law bears within it the Oral Law and engenders it.