Yehudah The root of the Hebrew word Yehudah is "yadah" (thank).  The letters in the Hebrew word Yehudah () represent the four letters in the Name of G-d plus the Hebrew letter dalet.  The root of the word dalet is the Hebrew word dal (very poor person).  Yehudah was the forebear of the Tribe from which come the future kings of the Jewish people.  But in his own eyes, Yehudah always saw himself as a "very poor person."  He felt that no matter how great his position was, whatever he had was an undeserved gift from HaShem.

Similarly, the name of King David () begins and ends with the Hebrew letter dalet.  This signifies the greatness of King David, who, despite all his termendous achievements, always considered himself as dal, a very poor man, for he attributed al his successes only to HaShem.

Mashiach, who will be a descendent of King David, is described as "a poor man riding on a donkey" (Zecharya 9:9).  He will bring about the fulfillment of the purpose of the creation of heaven and earth, when the whole world will recognize HaShem and accept HaShem's will upon themselves.  But despite this great accomplishment, Mashiach will remain humble, like a very poor man riding on a donkey (Sefat Emet).

The entire Jewish nation is called Yehudim (Jews) after the name of Yehudah.  When a Jewish person is asked what nation he belongs to, he does not answer, "I am a Reuveni" or "I am a Shimoni."  Instead he says, "I am a Yehudi - a Jew."  The very name of our nation indicates our obligation to always thank HaShem for whatever He gives us because it is always more than we deserve.

As King David and Dani'el, who were both descendants of Yehudah, said, "Give thanks to HaShem, for He is good; His kindness endures forever" (Tehillim 107:1).  "To You, HaShem of my forefathers, I give thanks and praise" (Dani'el 2:23).

Encampment Position - East

HaShem said, "Yehudah, the Tribe from which the Jewish monarchs will descend, shall camp in the east.  The east is the direction of the rising sun, and the Jewish monarchy is termed a "light."  Its task is to guide the nation by the light of the Torah.  Yehudah, therefore, belongs in the east."