Shifchah - Handmaid [maidservant]
Bereishit 16:1
Now Sarai, Avram's wife, had borne him no children.  She had an Mitzrian maidservant whose name was Hagar.
Bereishit 25:12
These are the descendants of Yishma'el, Avraham's son, whom Hagar the Mitzrian, Sarah's maidservant, bore to Avraham.
Bereishit 29:24
- And Lavan gave her Zilppah his maidservant - a maidservant to Leah his daughter.
Bereishit 29:29
And Lavan gave Rachel his daughter Bilhah his maidservant - to her as a maidservant.
Bereishit 30:4
So she gave him Bilhah her maidservant as a wife, and Ya'akov consorted with her.
Bereishit 35:25-26
The sons of Bilhah, maidservant of Rachel:  Dan and Naftali.  26 And the sons of Zilppah, maidservant of Leah:  Gad and Asher - these are the sons of Ya'akov, who were born to him in Paddan Aram.
Shemot 23:12
Six days shall you accomplish your activities, and on the seventh day you shall desist, so that your ox and donkey may be content and your maidservant's son and the sojourner may be refreshed.
Shoftim 19:19
We even have straw and fodder for our donkeys, and there is even bread and wine for me an dyour maidservant and the boy who is with your servants; not a thing is lacking."
Rut 2:13
Then she said, "May I continue to find favor in your eyes, my master, because you have comforted me, and because you have spoken to the heart of your maidservant, though I am not even [as worthy] as one of your maidservants."
Rut 3:9
He said, "Who are you?"  And she answered, "I am your handmaid, Ruth, Spread your robe over your handmaid, for you are a redeemer."
1Shmuel 1:11
She made a vow and said, "Hashem Tzeva'ot, if You take note of the suffering of Your maidservant, and You remember me, and do not forget Your maidservant, and give Your maidservant male offspring, then I shall give him to Hashem all the days of his life, and a razor shall not come upon his head."
Shfachot - Handmaids