Positive Mitzvah Forty

The Kohen Gadol's Daily Mincha-offering

Requires Beit HaMikdash

VaYikra 6:13 This is the offering of Aharon and his sons that they shall offer to Hashem on the day that he is anointed; one-tenth of an efah of fine flour as a mincha-offering, daily.  Half of it in the morning and half of it in the evening.

The Kohen Gadol is commanded to offer every day a mincha-offering in the morning and a mincha-offering at dusk, which are called the Baked Cakes of the Kohen Gadol, and are also referred to as the Mincha-offering of the anointed Kohen.

The following was the order observed in connection with the service at the daily olah-offering of the morning, and with a few minor changes also at the service of the daily olah-offering of the evening:

  1. The removal of the ashes from the Outer Altar (P30)
  2. The making of the three wood stacks (P29)
  3. The opening of the gates of the Sanctuary proper
  4. The slaughtering of the daily olah-offering (P39)
  5. The removal of the ashes from the Inner Golden Altar
  6. The tossing of the blood of the olah-offering upon the Outer Altar
  7. The trimming of five of the lamps of the Menorah (P25)
  8. The flaying and dismembering of the olah-offering, and the taking up of the members to the Altar-Ramp and the salting of the members (P62)
  9. The reading of the Shema' and other brief prayers
  10. The burning of the incense (P28)
  11. The trimming of the remaining two lamps of the Menorah
  12. The prostrations of the Kohanim in the Sanctuary
  13. The burning of the members of the olah-offering
  14. The invocation of the Priestly Blessing (P26)
  15. The burning of the mincha-offering (BaMidbar 15:3-5)
  16. The burning of the Baked Cakes of the Kohan Gadol
  17. The libation of the wine
  18. The singing of the Leviim (P23)

Four times in the course of the daily service lots were cast to determine which of the Kohanim should officiate at the various steps of the service.

It should be noted in this connection that the mincha-offering referred to in this Mitzvah was also brought by every Kohen at his installation into the Priestly service, and was known as the Mincha-offering of Initiation.