Positive Mitzvah Fifty-One

The Shemini Atzeret Musaf-offering

Requires Beit HaMikdash

BaMidbar 29:36 You shall bring a olah-offering, a fire-offering for a pleasing aroma to Hashem, one young bull, one ram, and seven yearling lambs, [all] without blemish.

We are commanded to offer a Musaf-offering on the 8th day Sukkot, this being the Musaf-offering of the 8th day of Solemn Assembly.  It is an accepted principle that the Shemini Atzeret (Eighth Day) is a separate and distinct Festival.  The Sages explicitly say:

"It [Shemini Atzeret Festival] is a separate Festivals with a separate offering." (Yoma 2b, 3a)

"While the Musaf-offerings of the first seven days of Sukkot in their abundance and variety were symbolic of G-d's love for all mankind, that of the Shemini Atzeret Festival, or 8th Day of Sukkot, characterized by its relative simplicity and moderation, was expressing of His special love for Yisrael.  The Sages illustrate this by the parable of a king who, after entertaining his princes and nobles, says to his beloved friend, 'Prepare for me a simple meal, that I may derive benefit from you.'" (Suk. 55b)