Positive Mitzvah Fifty-Eight

Eating the Pesach Sheni-offering

Requires Beit HaMikdash

BaMidbar 9:11 In the second month, on the 14th day in the afternoon he shall perform it.  Together with matzot and bitter herbs they shall eat it.

We are commanded to eat the meat of the second Pesach-offering on the night of the 15th day of Iyar together with matzot (unleavened bread) and bitter herbs. 

This Mitzvah is not binding on women due to they are not bound to slaughter [the second Pesach-offering], and therefore they are not bound to eat it. 

Though the second Pesach was evidently intended as a substitute for the first Pesach, there were some distinctions between them.  Therefore, on the first Pesach leavened bread might not be seen or found in one's home, "Whereas at the second Pesach a man may have both unleavened and leavened bread with him in the house.  At the eating of the first Pesach-offering the Hallel must be sung, but at the eating of the second, the Hallel need not be sung" (Pesachim 95a).