Positive Mitzvah Sixty-Five

The Asham (Guilt)-offering

Requires Beit HaMikdash

VaYikra 7:1-2 This is the law of the asham-offering; it is holy of holies [most holy].  In the place where they will slaughter the olah-offering they shall slaughter the asham-offering, and they shall sprinkle its blood all around the Mizbeach.

We are commanded that the Asham (Guilt)-offering must be offered in the manner specified by Torah.  This type of offering could be brought by an individual only; there was no public Asham-offering of any kind.

Chazal prescribed certain practices to take the place of the sacrifices, which were discontinued with the destruction of the Temple.  Of these the most important are Prayer, instituted in accordance with the words of the prophet Hoshea, "So we will render for bullocks the offering of our lips" (14:3); and the study of Torah, especially of those portions concerning the sacrifices (Men. 110a); Fasting (Ber.33a); and Tzedakah (Charity) (ibid. 10b)