Postive Mitzvah Sixty-Six

The Shelamim-offering (Peace-offering)

Requires Beit HaMikdash

VaYikra 3:1 If his offering is a shelamim [peace]-offering; if his offering is of cattle [whether] male or female; he shall bring it unblemished before Hashem.

VaYikra 7:11-12 This is the law of the Shelamim-offering that one will bring to Hashem.  If he brings it as thanksgiving offering he shall bring along with his thanksgiving offering matzah loaves mixed with oil, matzah wafers anointed with oil and loaves of saturated fine flour mixed with oil.

Four rituals, those of the Olah-offering, the Chataat-offering, the Asham-offering, and the Shelamim-offering make up the whole of the ritual of sacrifices - for all offerings of animals, whether brought by an individual or by the congregation of Yisrael, belong to one of these four kinds, except the Asham-offering is always an individual offering.

The Thank-offering was brought by an individual when delivered from sickness or imprisonment, as well as after having successfully completed a voyage either across the sea or through the wilderness (Ber. 54b)