Positive Mitzvah Sixty-Seven

The Minchah-offering

Requires Beit HaMikdash

VaYikra 2:1 When a person brings a mincha-offering to Hashem, his offering shall be of fine flour; he shall pour oil upon it and place frankincense upon it.

We are commanded that the Mincha-offering must be offered in the manner specified by Scripture according to its various kinds.

The Mincha-offering was brought in the following manner:  a handful was removed as prescribed, and put into a sacred vessel, which was conveyed to the Mizbeach, where it was burnt; and the residue of the offering from which the handful had been taken up was eaten by the Kohanim.  Where the donor of the Mincha-offering was himself a Kohen, however, it was wholly burnt on the Mizbeach.

"It is said of the Olah-offering of cattle, a fire-offering, an odor of sweet savor (VaYikra 1:9); and of the Olah-offering of birds, a fire-offering, an odor of sweet savor (1:17); and of the Mincha-offering, a fire-offering, an odor of sweet savor (2:9) - to teach us that it is all one whether a man offers much or little, if only he directs his heart towards Heaven" (Men. 110a)