Reading Tehillim in Times of Sickness

In times of sickness, it is appropriate to read aloud Tehillim (Psalms) on behalf of the merit of the ill person. Particularly, it is appropriate to read Tehillim 6, 20, 23, 43, 120, 121 and 130.

Below is a prayer which can be said. It is a translation of the Misheberach Prayer said following the reading of the Torah.

May He Who has blessed our forefathers, Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Moshe, Aharon, David and Shlomo, bless and heal (insert the Hebrew name of the ill person: like Binyamin ben Ester (Binyamin son of Ester) or Sarah bat Yocheved (Sarah, daughter of Yocheved)) on behalf of the merit of our good deeds and the giving of tzedakah. In the merit of this, may the Almighty be filled with mercy upon him to strengthen him/her, to heal him/her, to vitalize him/her. May He speedily send him/her a complete recovery from Heaven to all his/her limbs and organs. May he/she be healed along with all others of the Jewish people requiring healing. May his/her recovery be immediate and complete.