A Mystic's Perspective 

The Garments of G-d, Part 2 - Background

9 Sivan 5756


To understand more clearly the nature of our paradox, and to provide background for its resolution, consider the following rationally-derived principles from the Rambam's Hilchos Yesodei HaTorah. (Their derivation is beyond the scope of this installment; see the Rambam's Guide for the Perplexed, or R'Bachya ibn Pakuda's Duties of the Heart).

[By way of preface, it must be understood that to "know G-d" requires that we develop a conception of His existence that has no limitation and is not bound in any form. Any attribute ascribed to, or description of, G-d is simply the negation of its opposite. Thus when we say that G-d is, is One, and is eternal without predecessor, we are say that He is not non-existent, plural or created.]

  1. G-d is the Primary Being - He is the sole source of existence and the ground of being.
  2. G-d is True - His existence is absolute. It is dependent on no other force or entity outside of Himself. Therefore, the truth of His existence depends on nothing else. Unlike our physical world, His existence does not depend upn our perception of Him.
  3. G-d is the Prime Mover - all movement and change in the world is caused by change in another entity which initiates the movement. G-d alone is unchanging and is the source of all change and movement.
  4. G-d is an Absolute Unity - He has no body, image or form. He is not a composite consisting of many entities sharing a certain commonality. Nor is He a single entity with many components differentiated by identity and function. He is essentially one and is one with the entire creation.
  5. G-d is Unlimited - He has no definition, neither physically nor spiritually. There is in Him no connection nor separation, no place nor measure. He is not found within time.


To summarize, G-d's existence is an essential, unchanging reality. He is Ein Sof.