A Mystic's Perspective 

The Garments of G-d, Part 4 - So What

9 Sivan 5756

Again, to summarize: the Creation of the worlds came about through G-d's Revelation, the Ohr Ein Sof, not through G-d in His Essence, Ein Sof. Thus Creation implies no change in G-d, but rather in His Revelation.

So what?

Look around you. Look at the trees, birds, sky, clouds, fields, hills around you. Now look at the events around you - business transactions, conversations, hugging, handshaking, weather changing.

Each and every entity, being, creation. Each and every event, process, movement. All and everything is a different representation, a permutation, of the concealment of G-d's Revelation, His Ohr Ein Sof. Everything is a combination of different degrees and aspects of that the concealment of Ohr Ein Sof, Infinite Light.

There is nothing else.

Imagine the Ohr is white light, the total revelation of Ohr Ein Sof.. Then imagine that the tree is just the greens and browns from that Light, every other characteristic of that Light is concealed in order for there to be that tree. The stone is the concealment of everything except the grays, blacks and silver aspects of that Light.

Now look again. Look closely at that bunch of leaves at the end of that branch. The movement of those leaves is a permutation of various combinations of greater and lesser degrees of the concealment of the Ohr Ein Sof which is in and of itself a Revelation of G-d in His Essence.

Every time you see some "thing," whether it be an entity-object or an event-movement, you are seeing the Garments of G-d, so to speak. Nature is the Garment of G-d.

And just as when you see a fully clothed person move their arm, you experience them as moving there arm, not just their clothing; so too here. When you see movement in the world, when you see a thing, you are seeing G-d's Garments move, you are seeing an article of His "clothing," so to speak. You are seeing a representation of His Ohr Ein Sof change the degree of its concealment or revelation in this world.

With one exception . . .

. . . your neshamah, your soul. Your neshamah is not a greater or lesser degree of revelation of the Ohr Ein Sof. It is not a combination, permutation or representation of that Revelation. Your neshamah is the only existence which is not a concealment or revelation of the Ohr Ein Sof; it is not a Garment.

Because your neshamah is "a part of G-d above in actuality." Your neshamah is part of G-d in His Essence. Not just his Revelation, but G-d Himself. Like the flame taken from a great torch, that is your neshamah.

And what you have been sent to this world to do - through Torah and Mitzvos - is to reveal that flame, to reattach it to the Torch, and thereby illuminate the world.

So, what are you waiting for?