Yitro's Conversion

Shemot 18:11-12 "Now I know that Hashem is greater than all the deities....Then Yitro sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings to G-d"

Rashi explains that it was the the splitting of the Reed
Sea which convinced Yitro to join the Bnei Yisrael.

Yito's conversion name was changed from Yeter to Yitro ( a vav was  added).

Yeter has the numerical value of 610, which is followed by the number 611, which is the Gematria for Torah.  After having the vav added to his name, the numerical value became 616,
which is the same as the gematria for "HaTorah" (The Torah).  So his name has the same Gematria as The Torah.

Yitro is always connected to the Torah, as the parsha in which Matan Torah (the Giving of Torah) is written, is named Yitro. Yitro merited this, because not only did he fully accept Torah, he also helped Moshe in setting up a judicial system.