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Customer Product Review - Feedback from Our Customers

I often receive correspondence from my customers and have shared a few with you below. I greatly appreciate your feedback - it tells me where I'm doing great and where I can improve. You, the customer, is reason I'm here. Your shopping experience is of the utmost importance to me. I believe that your suggestions and opinions can help me to make Headcovering by Devorah even better. Tell me about a problem, suggest a change to a product line or the website, or express your satisfaction - I appreciate hearing from my customers! Share your thoughts.

Dawn wrote:

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I have received my shipment today and I am so very pleased with your products. The new, larger, snood you sent fits PERFECTLY just like you said it would--it feels like a dream to wear as headcoverings of any type always fall off my silky-like hair. Also, the Shawl / Scarf is absolutely wonderful. Very useful and beautiful/feminine too. Hubby, kids, everyone loved it (though now my 7 year old daughter wants one to match mom's). Thanks so much!

Elisheva wrote:

I received your kippah, or I should say MY kippah, today. It really is lovely. I have looked at your kippot many, many times. This one I just couldn't pass up. And it is so much prettier in hand. The picture pales compared to the real product. I'm sure I'll be ordering again from you.

Loretta wrote:

I wanted to let you know that I received my order Monday, and I couldn’t be more pleased. When your body is falling apart and you have no hair it is very satisfying to have something attractive to put on your head. It makes you feel pretty and whole again. I’m sure that I will be ordering some more things as the summer goes along. Thank you.

Susan wrote:

What is great about the roping is that it holds the scarf on WITH NO slipping. I mean NO slipping at all. That is what I love about these.

Kumari wrote:

Your items are not only well worth waiting for - but the best prices in the world! I look forward to receiving another snood - I have received many compliments on the many hats you have sent me - thanks.

Paola wrote:

I love your tiechels. They are my favorite! With these 2 that you'll send out I'll have 4. I can't wait to get them to put them on! You'll definitely have a return customer here. I consider these to be the most beautiful and practical ones I've seen on the net. I just started wearing a head-covering for religious reasons. I was wearing regular scarves with pins, now I just want to wear yours. I love the cording ties! Great design! I will continue purchasing more as my budget allows. Thank you very much.

April wrote:

I just want to thank you yet again. My Daughter's Bat Mitzvah was so special and This Kippah was a big hit. She looked wonderful in it and FIVE people asked for your web site they were so impressed. Thank you again.

Maureen wrote:

Your veils are like potato chips, can't have just one..(Or two, or three, etc...).

Allison wrote:

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I'm really pleased with my scarf and snood. Thanks so much for offering such an important service! You do beautiful work, and I'll be happy to tell anyone who wants to know.

Julie wrote:

Dear Devorah, The second of two veils that I ordered last month arrived in yesterday's mail, and I just want to tell you that I am thrilled with both of them. Your veils and other styles of head coverings are truly beautiful works of art; the quality and workmanship is the best I have ever seen. Although I have ordered veils from other sources at comparable prices, I was disappointed because they kept slipping off, making them unusable. The combs attached to your veils ensure that, once I put one on, it will stay on my head and I don't have to give it another thought. I intend to order more in the near future and highly recommend Headcoverings By Devorah to anyone considering purchasing yours.

Brenda wrote:

HI DEVORAH, I GOT MY KIPPAS. I LOVE THEM!!! I will think of you whenever I wear them and I know I will get lots of compliments as everyone knows I love color!! Have a good Shabbos.

C. wrote:

I love my Frik Kippot! Hello, I ordered a black Frik Kippah for short hair and I like my head completely covered. I was very happy with my order and plan to order more. As the weather starts to warm, the frik can still be worn because they are not overly thick and hot. I hope to see more colors, maybe some earth tone colors like brown, beige. Thank You!

Gail wrote:

D'vorah, I received my last order and am so glad I ordered from you. I have been wearing a scarf for worship and prayer for some time but it slides around and is sometimes a distraction to me. I also only wore it inside the sanctuary. With my new head coverings I can put it on at home and wear it throughout the services. I am truly enjoying them. So now I need one in black. Thank you so much, a very satisfied customer.

Bea wrote:

Hello, D'vorah-- I can't tell you enough how VERY PLEASED I am with ALL of my purchases. As I said in my feedback---you offer such a nice variety of items, and the head coverings are very well-made and beautiful! You really have a gift for it, and that is also clear by the fact that the orders keep coming in! :) Again, D'vorah--- I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful head coverings. And I am grateful that you have been a BIG part in my Spiritual Journey. I could not have gone forward without your help! So, of all things, PLEASE... PLEASE... DON'T EVER FORGET what a difference you are making in people's lives.

Diane wrote:

Hi D'vorah, The lace prayer covering arrived yesterday. Your photos don't do your work justice. What an awesome and beautiful reminder of how G-d wants us to see our prayers - not something made without thought or in haste, but with the intricate hand-work of our hearts towards Him.

Carmel wrote:

Dear Devorah! I went to my mailbox yesterday and received the kippahs that you sent. They are BEAUTIFUL! Much more beautiful than their pictures. I am very pleased with them. and cannot wait to wear them.

Michaela wrote:

Shalom, D'vorah! I received the snood today and it is beautiful. My husband loved it. I wish to thank you very much for a most pleasurable experience and I will certainly shop with you again, as well as recommend you to the women of my congregation. I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of this sale, from your friendliness and efficiency at first contact, to the exchange, to the final delivery of the product. Outstanding. Thank you again, and Blessings to you. Shalom.

Darlene wrote:

Hello D'vorah - Just wanted to let you know that I received the first 3 tiechels. They are beautiful! :) Thank you for all your help in getting these to me ASAP. Although I was planning to reserve these particular tiechels for worship, I have been wearing one every day for the past few days -- simply because it truly is much easier to wear then a traditional scarf. No pins, clips, or combs: the cord ties keep my tiechel comfortably and securely on my head. My daughters (ages 8, 6, and 3) greatly admire your work; they long to "graduate" from hair-kerchiefs to tiechels. ;-) My husband is also very pleased; I cover my head to show submission to him and to G-d. We all look forward to seeing the other tiechels I ordered. May G-d bless you in your good work, D'vorah. Thank you, again. - Darlene

Nicole wrote:

Dear Devorah, I received my veil this Saturday and I could not have been more pleased. It is even more beautiful than it looked in the pics! The length was absolutely perfect. Thank you for your promptness and your cooperation! It was great doing business with you! I cannot wait to wear it!

Lilly wrote:

All your head coverings are beautiful! Looked all over the internet and didn't find another website that compares. Thank you for your time.

Lee wrote:

Hello, I've been meaning to email you and tell you how absolutely gorgeous the items I purchased from you are! You are extremely talented. I had my hair stylist do a practice run and I'm going to wear the white satin with the pretty lace during the private ceremony. It looks so good on me that I can hardly believe it! Everything is just beautiful. Thank you so much for getting them to me so early. Again, thank you and I'll send you a picture after I recuperate from all of this.

Sapphira wrote:

Shalom Devorah, I got my snood and have worn it almost all day long and keeps on REALLY well (we had winds up to 45 MPH and it stayed on!!!) I have gotten told by several people that it is quite beautiful as well, so THANK YOU so much for making me such an awesome, beautiful headcovering! Shalom.

Illyse wrote:

Dear Devorah, I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Purple Chenille Kippah (with the ivory trim). I was happy that it came with a built-in comb so that I did not have to use clips to keep in on. Also, the 6 inch size was perfect. It matches my Talit so nicely and looks handmade and "different" that the typical women's kippot I have seen. Thank you for getting it to me well before the High Holy Days. I look forward to ordering from you again soon.

Christine wrote:

Good Evening Devorah, Thank you for the rush order. The covering is absolutely beautifully crafted. It is just the right texture and feel that I wanted for my daughter. Is it hand-made? Whatever, it is absolutely professional. This head covering is to be used at my daughter's wedding as a Babushka for the bridal dance. This is a tradition from our heritage. Thank You again and I wish you and your business all the best in the future.

Kelli wrote:

Dear Devorah, I received my two beautiful headcoverings last week and am finally getting around to letting you know how lovely they are and what a joy it is to wear them. Thank you for the tender loving care you put into making them. I will definitely be ordering more in the future! Shalom!

LaVonne wrote:

Devorah, Just wanted to write to let you know that I love your work. It is absolutely exquisite and exceptionally beautiful. I have no doubt I will prove to be a long-term customer. There are so many items..accessories.. that I look forward to purchasing. I am so glad I found your site and will definitely recommend to all who enquire. Shalom Lecha.

Tirtzah wrote:

SHALOM, SHALOM, SHALOM!!! As you may have guessed I'm VERY pleased with my purchase! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! It's more lovelier than I had expected. AND it feels as if it was made individually with care and great skill. I WILL be making future purchases...and TODAH RABBAH!

Kelly wrote:

I want to thank you for my head coverings. I received my recent shipment. I just want to comment on how beautiful they are and your workmanship is wonderful. Thank you for your wonderful service. You make head covering a thing of beauty. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Tirtzah wrote:

TODAH! I'm very excited. My husband helped me choose this particular covering, however, I love ALL of them! There are several others I would love to order. Your prices are so reasonable that even in this present economy, I've already selected several gifts for Chanukah. I will be sharing your website with others, although from the several "SOLD OUT"'s I've seen, HASHEM (Baruch HASHEM) has GREATLY Blessed you!

Dodie wrote:

Dearest D'vorah, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I received my beautiful mitpachat today and i am so happy with it. It was such a joy for me to open it. You had already folded it for me the way that you knew i wanted it, and as i was unfolding it, this wonderful scent came out from it (it almost smells like incense). I remembered that all the things that you have sent me have that wonderful scent. I quickly tried it on, with the "Jerusalem twist tie" and i am very excited. Thank you D'vorah for everything, and i am so glad that i found you. G-d bless and keep you and your family and make His Light shine upon you.