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Devorah Mimkhatah Headcoverings


One size fits all - Mimkhatah are sized to fit by their ties.

Navy & Blue Sheer Two Tone Design Mimkhatah

A Great Accessory for Everyday Wear
Blue Poly Sheer Lt. Blue Sheer Design Mimkhatah Navy Poly Sheer Two Design Devorah Mimkhatah Navy Sheer Blue Sheer Mimkhatah

A beautifully soft sheer two-tone kerchief. Secure with navy design band ties.

  • poly blend with top layer of poly sheer fabric
  • handmade
  • hand wash, air dry


Devorah3 - $14.99


Navy Layered Design Mimkhatah

Super Easy To Wear and Stylish!
Devorah Navy Poly Sheer Dual Design Mimkhatah Devorah Dual Design Navy Poly Sheer Kerchief Devorah Two Design Navy Poly Sheer Kerchief Mimkhatah Head Covering

Soft solid hair covering with a delicate lightweight feel. Adjust sizing with attached navy band ties.

  • polyester blend fabric
  • handmade
  • hand wash, air dry


Devorah4 - $14.99



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