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Shira Kerchief Bandana Headcoverings


One size fits all - Mimkhatah are sized to fit by their ties.

Black Velvet Bandana Mimkhatah

Black Velvet Mimkhatah Black Velvet Mimkhatah Kerchief Black Velvet Mimkhatah Scarves

Luxurious! Beautiful black plush velvet scarf cut in a triangular kerchief style. So soft!

  • velvet fabric
  • handmade
  • hand wash, air dry


Shira2 - $15.99


White Plush Velvet Mimkhatah

Comfortable All Day Wear
Shira White Plush Velvet Mimkhatah Shira Plush Velvet Head Covering Shira White Velvet Kerchief

Soft lush white kerchief style scarf. A classic for any wardrobe. Ties to fit all head sizes.

  • plush velvet fabric
  • handmade
  • hand wash, air dry


Shira4 - $15.99

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