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Simcha Head Coverings


Bridal Kippot, Bar Mitzvah Kippot, Bat Mitzvah Kippot - Kippah Headcoverings for Those Special Occasions!!  Most all kippot come with attached comb underneath.

Iridescent Sequin Pearl Bead Applique Kippah

Georgeous on!
Purple Chenille Kippah Ivory Iridescent Beaded Applique Ivory Chenille Ivory Irredescent Pearl Applique Lavender Chenille Ivory Sequin Bead Applique Kippah

Chenille or Mercerized Cotton Kippah with gorgeous ivory iridescent sequin & beaded appliqué.

  • chenille or mercerized cotton yarn; sequin and pearl beading
  • crown coverage


SO20 - $45.99

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Fancy Sequin & Cascading Pearl Beaded Kippah

Yarn Colors Available!
Purple Kippah Fancy Ivory Pearl Beaded Applique Purple Chenille Kippah Ivory Sequin Cascading Bead Applique Ivory Chenille Ivory Cascading Pearl Bead Applique

Cascading pearl beaded appliqué kippah. The iridescent sequins reflect surrounding colors!

  • chenille or mercerized cotton yarn
  • crown coverage


SO21 - $49.99
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Crochet Kippah Black Iridescent Flower Appliqué

Available in Chenille or Mercerized Cotton Yarns
White Kippah Black Iridescent Sequin Flower Applique White Kippah Black Iridescent Sequin Kippot Black Kippah Black Iridescent Flower Applique

Available in white or black crochet yarn. The iridescent sequins reflect the surrounding colors.

  • mercerized cotton yarn
  • crown coverage


SO22 - $16.99
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Crochet Kippah Accented with Silk Bow

Black Crochet Kippah with pink Silk Bow Crochet Kippah Silk Bow Black Crochet Kippah Black Silk Bow Crochet Kippah Beige Silk Bow

Mercerized Cotton Kippah accented with pretty silk bow. Great for all occasions.

  • crown coverage
  • LIMITED! (beige bow sold out)

out of stock



SO23 - $24.99



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